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Time to Move? Know How Much House You Can Afford

So you know it is time to prepare to move. Maybe you have outgrown your current home. Maybe you want to down-size, or perhaps you have had a job relocation. Whatever the reason, the most important information you need to make to get started with your search is what your budget should be for your new living situation.

Not everyone fits neatly into the simple mortgage calculators that can be found on-line. Many factors go into your unique financial position. RLD Relocation & Logistics found this great article on trulia-How Much House Can You Really Afford?

We hope this helps and brings some clarity to your home search based on your sound budget. And! When you have chosen your home and need help moving, remember to contact RLD Relocation & Logistics for all of your moving and storage needs.  Good luck!

Preparing Your Child to Move Through Books

Moving can be stressful for everyone. Children are no exception.  If you are moving with kids, you might share some books written for children about moving. Reading about moving can help soothe some fears about leaving a home.

Better Homes and Gardens provides a great list of books in their article, Books That Prepare Your Kids for a Move.  We hope that you find the list useful.

And to take some of your stress out of the moving process, be sure to visit our Moving Resources section for tips and tools to make your move easier on you.

Declutter Before You Move

Time to move! Then it is time to declutter! There is no reason for transporting everything you own when you don’t use, need or want some of what you have. Why pay to move items like this? has a great article, 12 Things You Should Definitely Toss Before You Move. Just what you need to help you sort out what you have and how you feel about it.

Good luck with your Pre-move purge! When you are ready to hire trusted movers, call RLD Relocation and Logistics for all of your moving and storage needs.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

It’s spring and everyone knows this is the hottest market season for selling and buying homes. Take advantage of the longer days, warmer temperatures and put your green thumb to work to maximize your curb appeal if you are selling your property. A little can go a long way. provides the article, What To Plant Now To Maximize Your Curb Appeal This Summer. The photos of landscaping and garden beds are gorgeous and surely will inspire you to put those special touches around your front yard. Your house will be showing like the star of the neighborhood!

Good luck selling and when you are ready to move, Contact RLD Relocation & Logistics for all of your moving and storage needs.

Finding a Dog-Friendly Neighborhood

Looking for a new home? Do you have a dog? You will want to move to an area that is dog-friendly of course. How do you know what to look for to ensure your furry family member will be happy and healthy there?

We found this helpful article on Trulia, 5 Signs of a Dog-Friendly Neighborhood. Great tips for what to look out for when scoping out a possible place to live. Check it out and if you have any more great ideas yourself, the article invites you to share your tips.

We wish you luck in finding the perfect home and neighborhood for you and your pets. When you are ready to move, be sure to contact RLD Relocation and Logistics for all of your moving and storage needs.

Finding the Right Neighborhood

Getting ready to shop for a new home?

We have recently learned from Trulia that 5 out of 6 Americans said the neighborhood is equally or more important than the house. People were willing to give up certain home features like a pool or basement to live in the best neighborhood for their family.

We invite you to read The House is Only Half of It on Trulia before you go hunting for the ideal home and neighborhood. It may shed some light on things that are more or less important to you in searching for a home than you previously thought.

And! When you are ready to move, contact RLD Relocation and Logistics! We are standing by ready to assist you with all of your moving and storage needs.

Selling Your Home ASAP

You know you want to move. Maybe you have to move for some reason like for a job, but you can’t find and buy your new house until you have sold your old one. That makes selling your home ASAP of utmost importance. Once you have a settlement date, you can confidently begin shopping for your new home knowing that you will have the financial resources available to do it.

Easier said than done!  While our team at RLD Relocation and Logistics can help with your move, we know that getting that house sold takes some doing. We sure hope you sell quickly. We found this useful article on Trulia, “The Four Keys to Selling Your Home Faster“.  It’s a great start when considering how to speed up the process of getting an offer. And of course, your realtor will have the best advice for your particular area and situation.

Best of luck in selling your home! We are standing by to provide for all of you moving and storage needs. Happy Moving!


Moving and Packing Electronics

Moving with all your electronics in place can be difficult! Households these days are filled with computers, tablets, video game consoles, TVs, printers and the list goes on and on.

How do you manage packing and moving them all so they arrive in your new home damage-free? Well first, you could hire a professional moving company. At RLD Relocation and Logistics, we have a packing team and moving crew who are expertly trained and experienced to handle your electronics.

If you want to pack and/or move your valuable electronics yourself, we recommend the article, 10 Tips for Packing Electronics from  You will be glad that they thought of everything for you.

Thanks for the invaluable information!

Renters Advice

Are you moving into a rental?

Maybe it is your first time renting. There are things to consider when you are not an owner of a property. What should you do upon moving in? What are you allowed to change about your new home space?

Trulia put out a great article, Should Renters Change The Locks? 7 Move-In Questions, Answered, that we think you should read.  Great advice for new renters.

Whether you are renting or buying a new home, we are always here to make the move easier and stress free! Call RLD Relocation and Logisitcs to deliver your move.

Predictions for the Renters Market

Now may be the time to move!

Zillow has found that rent in most areas will become more affordable and houses could become more affordable as well. Interest rates are expected to go up. You can read all about it in Zillow’s article, 5 Predictions for Renters and Home Buyers in 2017.

What do we predict at RLD Relocation & Logistics? We predict that when you need help with a move, you can trust us completely and have guaranteed satisfaction! We look forward to hearing from you!