The Top 5 Reasons to Move to Hudson, Ohio

A suburban town with a population of around 24,000, Hudson sits in the Akron metropolitan area of Ohio. If you’re not from the area, you might not know Hudson, but this Northeast Ohio town provides an excellent option for people looking to relocate, whether they’re singles, couples, or families.

Why Move to Hudson, OH? 

Are you seeking a place to move to in the Midwest region of the United States? Do you want to discover what could be the perfect destination for your next home? Keep reading, and find out five of the best perks Hudson has to offer to you!

  • Excellent public school system

First, this advantage is incredible for families who have children in school. Hudson offers some of the very best when it comes to high-quality public school systems. The Hudson City School District ranks within the top 2% of school districts within Ohio. Currently, the district provides education to a little under 5,000 children from pre-K to 12th grade.

Impressively, the district has received the distinction of Excellent and Excellent with Distinction for 11 years in a row, and Hudson High School’s AP programs are in the top 3 percent across the United States. With so many spectacular programs within the schools, you can trust that your children are receiving a stellar, well-rounded education. Aside from the public schools, Hudson is also home to the Hudson Montessori School, Seton Catholic School, and the Western Reserve Academy. These private schools also offer dependable scholastics for their students. 

  • Low crime rate

When you choose to live somewhere, you want to rest assured that you can feel safe and secure without worrying. In Hudson, Ohio, the low crime rate is something you can depend on.

It’s one of the top safest cities in Ohio, and the town has a crime rate nearly 80% lower than the United States average. For both violent crime and property crime, the rate is a combined 6 in 1,000, which is an impressive rate. This peace of mind is something that can’t be replicated just anywhere, making it a priceless aspect of your home search as you seek a community to reside in. 

  • Great healthcare for a low cost

It’s no secret that healthcare can be a stressful part of anyone’s budget in the United States, so if you’re able to find good healthcare at an affordable rate, this is a huge perk. Hudson has various healthcare facilities with excellent reputations, such as Summa Health Hudson Medical Center and University Hospitals Hudson Health Center.

Not only do these establishments provide exceptional care to their patients, but they do so at competitive prices. In fact, the medical expenses in Hudson, Ohio, are around 30% less than the national average. This is a considerable difference, and it can’t be ignored, as having access to quality healthcare can be absolutely life-changing.

  • Suburb with an enjoyable downtown

Although Hudson has a quiet, suburban feel for its residents to enjoy, the town boasts a great downtown area full of nice shops and good food. First & Main is a great place to go shopping, as you can find local boutiques as well as national chains to buy whatever you want or need.

There are even fun events and live concerts hosted here, which can provide entertainment for the whole family. If you’re a foodie, don’t worry — Hudson has enough delicious food to keep you thoroughly satisfied! You can try restaurants with different cuisines, spend your evening at a brewery, or stop for a yummy cup of coffee.

  • Outdoor attractions for the entire family

Last but certainly not least, if you move to Hudson, you can expect to spend a lot of time in nature, as the town is full of lovely areas of the great outdoors to explore.

One excellent spot for enjoying nature is Hudson Springs Park, a 260-acre park with a 50-acre lake. Here, you can fish on the water, bike or hike on the 2-mile trail, observe the wildlife, have a picnic at the picnic tables, play volleyball, and so much more. However, there are 20 parks in Hudson, meaning you’ll have plenty of places to visit.

The town even has a new tennis and pickleball court complex, giving you even more opportunities to go outside and get active. If neither of those sports is your thing, you can enjoy golfing at the Ellsworth Meadows Golf Club. Whatever you like, you can find it here in Hudson, Ohio.

Plan Your Move to Hudson!

With so many amazing perks, the choice is simple — Hudson is the place for you. Looking for a dependable moving company to help you complete the process?

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