5 Easy Decluttering Tips for Your Home

Many of us are guilty of having a lot of junk. Whether you are preparing to move or just want to clean out some space in your house, decluttering your space is a good exercise. We have collected some of our favorite easy decluttering tips to share with you, to help you with whatever stage of home improvement you may be at.

  1. Make a thorough checklist – the more specific you are with your planning, the more you will be able to get done. Go through every room of your home and detail each little project you would like to accomplish.
  2. Tackle small projects at a time – keep yourself energized by doing your tasks little by little rather than in all one go. Pick one room per day or do it week by week. If you have a lot of decluttering to tackle, it is best to avoid burnout by doing it a little bit at a time. This will make sure that you are thorough and doing the job right.
  3. Keep, donate, sell, and throw away – these are the options that you have for your items. You can have a yard sale or try and sell items online. Donate things you don’t want to thrift stores, churches, or shelters.
  4. Ditch duplicate items – throw away socks without matches and donate silverware, mugs, or other kitchen items you may have too many of. It’s easy to collect things over the years but simplifying your collection is a rewarding habit.
  5. Clean as you declutter – when you declutter you make more room in your home. This is a great opportunity to dust, vacuum, and otherwise tidy up space that was previously cluttered!

If you are decluttering in preparation of a move, contact RLD Relocation today if we can assist you with any moving or storage services!

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