For any company, employees build the fabric of the business. These are the people who uphold the company’s values and propel it forward to new heights. For that reason, many companies work to accommodate their employees and offer relocation services that allow them to seamlessly move to more convenient locations for their jobs.

Whether you’re hiring new talent or moving an established employee to a different office, there are plenty of reasons to relocate your company members to new regions. To complete this process seamlessly, it’s important to have expert services on your side—which is where RLD Relocation & Logistics steps in.

With RLD, you can rest assured that your employee’s move will be completed in a streamlined, organized fashion. Keep reading to learn more about what we offer for Northeast Ohio corporate relocations and beyond!

Northeast Ohio Relocation Services You Can Trust

When you count on RLD Relocation & Logistics to move your employees to new locations, you can alleviate stress for you and for them. Our corporate relocation services focus heavily on always being a few steps ahead so your employees can focus on settling in at their new location, rather than worrying about the logistics of their move.

Whether the employee is moving by themselves or with family, we have the capabilities to meet their needs comprehensively and offer solutions that are tailored to the individual. The RLD team works diligently to tailor the experience, offering customized moving solutions.

For decades, RLD has successfully met and exceeded customers’ moving expectations. In addition to our long history in the Akron and Canton areas, we also serve as a Prime Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving—a credential that further emphasizes the level of expertise and dependability we can provide to you and your employees.

Wheaton stands as one of the top five national moving brands and has facilitated successful relocations for over 100 years. As one of their agents, this partnership allows us to more fully meet customer needs and raise our level of credibility, offering peace of mind to our customers during their moves.

How Corporate Relocation Works with RLD

Curious about how the corporate relocation process works and how RLD can play a crucial role in this transition? Allow us to walk you through the simple steps of a convenient RLD-facilitated employee relocation!

  • Evaluate & Offer

As the employer, the first step in your list of things to do for a corporate relocation is to evaluate the need for the employee’s move. Whether this is a new hire or an existing employee, it’s important to consider the reasons for this relocation and include them in the conversation to assess if they are willing to relocate for their position.

Following this discussion, you can move forward with a formal offer letter that completely outlines the details of the move and the assistance you will offer—in this case, RLD’s assistance!

  • Assessment

Once you have confirmed the employee’s willingness to relocate via the offer letter, it’s important to keep an open line of communication so the employee can express any questions or concerns.

During this phase, you will assess the more detailed logistics of the move, such as family needs, temporary housing options, transportation, moving expenses, and more. Understanding the granular aspects of the move and what your employee will require is a critical part of facilitating a stress-free move.

  • Relocation Package

Once all of the bases have been covered through thorough discussions with the employee, it’s time to provide a complete breakdown of the relocation package. Based on the communicated requirements, this package will meet the employee’s needs and expectations. As part of the package, RLD Relocation & Logistics will offer tailored assistance to the employee’s needs.

  • Housing Options

Depending on the timeline of the upcoming move, your employee may require temporary housing in the interim until they find a permanent option. Be sure to provide a clearly outlined solution for this problem. Additionally, as part of the relocation package, you may work with a real estate agent to assist the employee as they look for permanent housing. This will depend on the agreed-upon terms in the package.

  • Moving Services with RLD

From this point, RLD will work directly with you and your employees to facilitate the move in an organized, efficient fashion. We can assist your employees with moving, packing, and storage solutions throughout their relocation to comprehensively meet their needs and make their corporate relocation as simple as possible.

Our services are customized to handle exactly what your employees needs, and we work with them every step of the way to ensure any questions or concerns are fully addressed. The moving experts at RLD are prepared to tailor the experience to the specifics of each employee’s move.

  • Travel and Logistics

While you work with the employee to make sure any travel needs for them and their family are met, we work to simplify the logistics of their belongings’ travels.

Together, we create a solution that allows their belongings to arrive at their new location right when they need them. This is an important part of the process to ensure that the process is streamlined and customized to the employee’s needs.

  • Settling In

Finally, it’s time for the employee to settle in at their new home—and their new office! RLD works through corporate relocations with the main goal of allowing the employee to focus on the personal aspects of their move while we handle the logistical elements.

We want their attention to be on their job and the emotional parts of a move, so they don’t need to worry for a second about the moving process itself. With RLD, you can trust that we will take good care of your employees for a smooth relocation experience.

Why Choose RLD for Corporate Relocation in Ohio

When you need corporate relocation services near Akron or Canton, OH, RLD Relocation & Logistics offers the highest caliber moving solutions. Why are we the right choice for your company and your employees? Discover some of the top reasons below…

  • Reliable Solutions: A move completed with RLD is a move completed reliably. We offer corporate relocation services that prioritize dependability and trust, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of services you’ll receive. We work diligently to ensure our customers receive the best moving solutions possible.
  • Proven Track Record: For years, we have facilitated corporate relocations—among other types of relocations and moving services—successfully and comprehensively. Our track record shows that we care for our customers and follow industry standards and best practices to orchestrate smooth, worry-free moves. Our history of excellence speaks for itself.
  • Customized Services: When you work with RLD, you won’t receive cookie-cutter services that are the same from customer to customer. Instead, our corporate relocation solutions are tailored to meet individual needs. Our team works to make sure your move is catered specifically to what you’re looking for.
  • Convenient Option: Experience convenience like never before when your move is completed by RLD Relocation & Logistics. With our trusted solutions, you and your employees don’t need to worry about a thing as we handle each step of your corporate relocation.
  • Trusted Expertise: With years of experience under our belts, the professionals at RLD have expertise that gets the job done right every time. We have the proper know-how to complete your relocation masterfully without a hitch. When RLD handles the task, you can expect to receive high quality expert solutions each and every time.

Ready for Your Ohio Corporate Move?

With so many perks, what are you waiting for? Count on RLD Relocation & Logistics as your trusted source for corporate relocation services. Your company and your employees will be satisfied each and every time we facilitate a move, unlocking the ultimate solutions for your business.

Request a quote online today, or call us for more information at (234) 334-7777! We look forward to working with you.

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