Should I Buy a Home During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has impacted nearly every business sector across the country. The U.S. economy has taken a major hit: from layoffs to business closures, and rising grocery store prices. While there may generally be more stress on the economy, not every sector has screeched to a halt. The real estate market has been doing surprisingly well. Roughly 48% of real estate agents have seen a decrease in buyer interest compared to last year. At the same time, 45% said that the market is more tempting right now for some buyers do to all-time low mortgage rates. (according to NAR Flash Survey: Economic Pulse). While the temptation might be there to buy and cash in on those low rates, some people are still hesitant to go through the buying process during the pandemic. If you’re asking yourself: “should I buy a home during coronavirus?”, you may wish to consider the following.

Virtual Realty

Social distancing has forced realtors to reassess how they help their clients buy and sell homes. It goes beyond practicing safety precautions during in-person showings. Most realtors have moved most of their business online by setting up virtual open houses, tours, and closing deals. Once a buyer has expressed serious interest in a property by viewing the online materials, serious consideration is put into how to safely show the home in person.

Moving During COVID

The majority of moving companies have begun to implement virtual moving technology into their day-to-day as well. Estimates can now happen virtually, preventing any unnecessary in-person contact. Should you choose to buy a home during coronavirus, there are movers who will help you move as safely as possible. RLD Relocation is here for you.

5 Easy Decluttering Tips for Your Home

Many of us are guilty of having a lot of junk. Whether you are preparing to move or just want to clean out some space in your house, decluttering your space is a good exercise. We have collected some of our favorite easy decluttering tips to share with you, to help you with whatever stage of home improvement you may be at.

  1. Make a thorough checklist – the more specific you are with your planning, the more you will be able to get done. Go through every room of your home and detail each little project you would like to accomplish.
  2. Tackle small projects at a time – keep yourself energized by doing your tasks little by little rather than in all one go. Pick one room per day or do it week by week. If you have a lot of decluttering to tackle, it is best to avoid burnout by doing it a little bit at a time. This will make sure that you are thorough and doing the job right.
  3. Keep, donate, sell, and throw away – these are the options that you have for your items. You can have a yard sale or try and sell items online. Donate things you don’t want to thrift stores, churches, or shelters.
  4. Ditch duplicate items – throw away socks without matches and donate silverware, mugs, or other kitchen items you may have too many of. It’s easy to collect things over the years but simplifying your collection is a rewarding habit.
  5. Clean as you declutter – when you declutter you make more room in your home. This is a great opportunity to dust, vacuum, and otherwise tidy up space that was previously cluttered!

If you are decluttering in preparation of a move, contact RLD Relocation today if we can assist you with any moving or storage services!

How to Lower Your COVID Risk on Moving Day

All across the country people are adapting to their everyday lives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Extra precautions should be taken during everyday activities such as going to the grocery store and the post office. Moving is no different. Moving companies are adapting how they do business to meet the needs of a socially distant society. There are steps that you can take as a customer as well, to lower your COVID risk on moving day. If you are moving in the near future, here are some tips to consider.

  • Only move if you have to – part of the thrill of moving is being able to explore your new area and get involved in your new community. That may be harder to do in the era of COVID, so be prepared to feel a little isolated if you are moving to a new town. Socializing is more difficult these days, but it will not be forever, and it will pass.
  • Don’t reuse packing supplies – buy new boxes instead of using recycled ones from stores. Carey Moving & Storage can provide you with moving boxes should you need them.
  • Avoid unnecessary socializing in the days leading up to your move – the risk of COVID severely decreases with the less contact you have with the outside world and other people.
  • Practice social distancing on moving day – most moving companies will be adhering to strict pandemic protocol. Do your part by keeping 6 feet between you and others, providing a hand-washing station at the moving location, and sanitizing high-traffic surfaces such as doorknobs.

At RLD Relocation, we know that current times can feel a bit uncertain. That’s why we are doing our part every day to protect our moving crews and customers. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, feel free to contact us. Thank you.

Settling In After a Long-Distance Move

A long-distance move is a very exciting venture. You get to settle into your new home, your new town or city, new community and perhaps even a new job. For some, moving far away can feel a little bit overwhelming. Here are some settling in tips to help you get acquainted with your new home and location.

  • Try different arrangements for your furniture – your first instinct may not be your favorite placement for your belongings. Experiment with your furniture and decorations until your new house feels like a home.
  • Change up the paint and décor – often sellers will paint their house neutral colors when it is on the market. Now that you have purchased or rented your new place, give it a touch of your own personal style.
  • Read Yelp reviews – if you are unsure of where to get take-out or get a haircut in your new town or city, do a bit of internet research to see where the locals suggest.
  • Look up events – in the era of COVID there may not be as many community events to go to. But there may still be outdoor activities available such as going to see live music outside at a restaurant or a drive-in film screening.
  • Explore the outdoors – go visit parks, hiking trails, or nearby lakes and rivers to get a feel for the place and find out what kind of outdoor activities are available.
  • Check out local cafes – take a book and pick a new spot each week to try out. Many places are open for outdoor seating and you can get a feel for your town or cities coffee shop culture.

Exploring a new place can be a lot of fun. Take advantage of the opportunity to settle into your new town or city and make the most out of your new community. Contact RLD Relocation today for help with your next long-distance move.

5 Important Tips for Moving During the Pandemic

Many of our lives have been affected greatly by the current pandemic situation. The moving industry like many other industries have been affected. If you are considering moving in the near future, take into account these safety tips for moving during the pandemic.

  1. Don’t recycle supplies and boxes – instead of using boxes that you picked up from local businesses, buy new. Many moving companies offer the sale of moving materials, or you can order online from a company such as UHAUL or Staples.
  2. Contact your mover far in advance – one benefit of doing this is to secure your moving date. But also talk to your moving company about what steps they are taking to maintain sanitation and social distancing. You can read Hollander’s COVID action plan here.
  3. Be smart and organized – have everything packed and ready to go in an organized fashion in time for moving day. Preventing last minute details will allow movers to get in and out of your home quickly, keeping everybody safer.
  4. Offer sanitizing materials – Some companies are equipping their teams with sanitation items like hand sanitizer and wipes. Give your movers access to a sink and hand soap if possible to ensure that everyone is low-risk.
  5. Reschedule your move if you’re ill – your moving company will work with you to reschedule. It is much better to keep away the possibility of exposure.

Stay safe, and feel free to contact RLD with any questions at 234-334-7777

Trusted Akron Moving Company COVID-19 Alert

RLD Relocation & Logistics are considered an essential business and normal operations are continuing. We are providing those in need with moving services during this unprecedented time. We are proud to be a trusted Akron moving company, and are taking serious health and safety precautions as we go about our business. The health and safety of our customers and employees are of top priority, and we are following social distancing measures accordingly.

If you are in need of moving or storage services at this time, please don’t hesitate to call us. We would be happy to discuss possible solutions with you. Give us a call at 855-234-7779.

Thank you, and be safe!

Don’t waste time on DIY moving containers

Considering a DIY storage container service for your upcoming move?

After weighing the cost of a move you should also be cautious of the service that accompanies a particular moving or storage solution. Although DIY storage containers that are delivered to your driveway can typically cost less than hiring a full service moving company you may be spending more money in the long run when factoring in things like convenience, stress, time, and potential damages to sentimental furniture and other belongings.

One of the main drawbacks to DIY moving is that YOU have to do the moving! In addition to all the aches and pains an untrained person will experience on move day lifting boxes and heavy furniture, there are countless hours consumed packing, loading, planning delivery dates, and unloading that a professional full service moving company can help you avoid.

As an agent for Arpin Van Lines, RLD Relocation and Logistics can plan your move, offer same day packing, loading, and delivery options depending on where you want to go at prices that could be in some cases, only a matter of a few hundred dollars difference when comparing the DIY storage container option to the full service moving option . Our moving professionals come into your home on moving day, cover the walls and floors with protective materials, pack all of your possessions into professional corrugated moving containers, pad wrap all of your furniture, crate fragile items, and meticulously load each one of your belongings with the utmost respect and care as if it were their own.

Once our moving crew loads everything you’ve asked us to take onto the moving truck, we begin delivery plans. If you need storage while in transit we can provide that to you at one of our many agency warehouses throughout the United States. With DIY storage container moving, your service starts and ends with pick up and delivery of the container. With a full service moving and storage company we factor things in like move in date issues,  truck accessibility at destination, unloading and unpacking, dunnage removal, and of course if something happens to your furniture while in transit we take full responsibility for any damages deemed our fault giving you peace of mind.

DIY storage container moving solutions offer one service, it’s the low cost of the container. The actual moving and all the stress of planning a move, packing, and getting moved in and out by specific dates a full service moving company offers, can really make a difference in whether to pinch the penny and attempt to move yourself or spend a few extra dollars and know your move is being handled professionally without issue right from the beginning.

If you’re thinking of moving soon give us a call. We help family after family move year after year. We can move you too.

Donate Stuff Before You Move

Moving is a great opportunity to purge. You probably own many things that you no longer need, have outgrown, or no longer like. Why pay to move them to your new home?

Getting ready to move and moving require planning and organization. There are so many things to think of and do throughout the process. We would like to share an article we found to help you stay organized as you sort through your belongings and decide what you are getting rid of. recently posted “How to Organize Your Stuff for Donation Before You Move“. We hope you find it helpful. RLD Relocation and Logistics is here to help. When you are ready to hire your mover, give us a call!