Small Moving Made Easy

Sometimes moving doesn’t concern relocating an entire household or business across the county, state, or country—sometimes it entails just needing to move a couch or two, some heavy dressers or furniture that can’t be fit in a regular vehicle, or special items like pianos, pool tables, or antiques.  

When it comes to moving items like this, you might not be sure how exactly to go about things. You can’t move them on your own, but you’re not sure if a moving company would conduct such a small move, or if it could be worth it or affordable to do so. At RLD Relocation & Logistics, however, we’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for.  

Small Movers in Northeast Ohio

Whether you’re just looking to move some heavy or awkward items, or just a room’s worth of things into a new home, we’ve got you covered with our small moving program. This program, Wheaton combines our international expertise with our domestic moving process to deliver a stress-free move that saves you time and money. 

RLD has an innovative program that uses shipping containers to hold and move your items, simplifying packing and transportation and allowing you to have access to your belongings faster so you can focus on settling in your new home.  

RLD Provides the Following Benefits:

  •  Professional packing into a professional shipping container
  •  Faster transit and delivery times
  •  Simplified pricing for improved budgeting
  •  Specific pick-up and delivery dates
  •  Performance in less time than the industry average
  •  Decreased potential for loss or damage to your household goods

As an agent of Wheaton World Wide Moving, we’re also privileged to have the resources and ability to move your items, regardless of size or type anywhere in the country or world with ease. Our professional moving experts aim to be a support to you during this process and seek to provide the most open and transparent communication to you so that you know where your items are at all times and when they’ll be delivered, whether you’re staying local or moving your things overseas.  

Benefits of Using Small Movers

As the top Northeast Ohio movers serving Akron, Canton, and the surrounding areas, RLD is proud to have a proven track record and reputation spanning over 40 years. From large moves to small, our top priority is keeping your items safe while delivering them to you efficiently and on time. When using Wheaton, we strive to go above and beyond to make your small move effortless and make our services more than worth it to you, your family, or your business.  

  • 40 Years of Experience: With over 40 years of experience, RLD Relocation & Logistics is proud to be an industry leader who continually sets the standard for moving companies around the country. Our decades of experience allow us to cater to your unique needs and create custom, individualized moving experiences that are as unique as you are. We know that no two moves are the same, and we seek to give you, your household, or your business the attention to detail and care you deserve throughout the process.  
  • Reputation: As we mentioned, having 40 years in the industry has allowed us to be a part of countless moves over the years, and we’re glad to have a reputation and tons of happy clients that show those around us our continued commitment to quality and outstanding customer service.  
  • Reliability: Especially when it comes to small moves, it’s imperative that your items are on time and that your delivery is well within your parameters and desired timeline. Wheaton makes this easier than ever by allowing us to get very specific with pick up and delivery times and dates, even more so than our usual journeys. We’re proud to pack, transport, and deliver your items in less time than the industry average, and exercise every precaution to ensure your items arrive safely without sacrificing efficiency.  
  • Excellent Customer Service: RLD understands the importance of having movers you can not only be confident in, but who you can truly trust to take care of your items. Whether moving an entire business overseas or conducting your small move through Wheaton, our customer service experts are here to guide and support you throughout the process, and provide you with friendly and knowledgeable service for anything you might need. We believe in open communication, so you can have a partner in your move, and not just a moving company that brings your things from point A to point B. From your initial free, in-home estimate to when your items are safely delivered and unpacked, we’re here for anything you require.  
  • Affordable Small Move Services: Especially when conducting a small move, affordability and cost-effectiveness is key. With our budget-friendly small move solutions, you can work within your budget without having to worry about sacrificing reliability or quality of service. Additionally, we only provide transparent, upfront pricing that lets you definitely know what your costs will be without having to worry about hidden fees or any unwelcome surprises. We’ll do everything in our power to keep your costs manageable and within your limits.  
  • Safety & Security: Wheaton draws inspiration from our international moving and shipping services, which gives your items an extra layer of safety during their journey. When using Wheaton professional storage container moving program, this container and professional packing keep your items completely secure and at reduced risk for damage.  

Work With Premier Ohio Small Movers Today!

Working with RLD allows you to work with the premier Northeast Ohio small movers who serve Akron, Canton, and more. Our small moving services allow your items to benefit from our attention to detail, experience, and highly professional approach to any relocation. Regardless of size, scope or type of move, we’ve got you covered for everything your relocation entails.  

From packing to storage and moving, our professionals and customer service experts will support you throughout the entire process and give you the best moving experience possible. Contact us today to learn more about our small moving services and how they can work for you.  

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