Solution for Rushed Relocation

Preparing for a relocation with less time than anticipated? Stressing about completing an upcoming move in a short period of time? When you need last minute moving services to handle your move in a pinch, there’s no better option than RLD Relocation & Logistics.  

RLD is the premier Northeast Ohio moving company, providing countless customers with high quality moving solutions for over 44 years. With our team of fully trained, knowledgeable moving professionals, RLD can tackle moves of various sizes quickly to meet goals in small timeframes. RLD works with you to meet quick turnaround times in an organized, professional manner, eliminating the stress from your upcoming move. Interested in learning more? Keep reading! 

Efficient Moving Solutions

Looking for moving services that get the job done quickly—but still get it done right? RLD Relocation & Logistics has exactly what you need to efficiently and successfully complete a relocation. Thanks to our expert team of moving professionals, our staff is able to expedite the relocation process through our last minute moving services, enabling you and your family to swiftly move to your new home.  

The team at RLD offers a wide array of moving, packing, and storage services, meaning we can provide full-service solutions that alleviate your stress and methodically handle your rapidly approaching move with ease. 

What Can Lead to a Last Minute Move?

Although in an ideal world, most of us would choose to have plenty of time to prepare for a relocation, we can’t always control how the situation unfolds. For any number of reasons, people may face circumstances that lead them to needing last minute moving services.  

In those times of need, RLD Relocation & Logistics provides last minute relocation solutions to patrons in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Discover a few of the reasons that can lead to a last minute move below! 

  • Family: Family circumstances can be a guiding factor in where a person chooses to live, and a wide array of life events can result in moving. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces—these changes might be the root cause of a last minute move needing to take place.  
  • Work: Your career can take you anywhere, and new opportunities make end up taking you to other parts of the state, the country, or even the world. Whether you’re relocating with a new job or a transfer at your current role, this move might need to be expedited, making last minute services a huge benefit. 
  • Health: When it comes to health, things can change rapidly. Whether it’s your own health or the health of a loved one, these changes might call for a quick turnaround time for a move to more efficiently get where you need to be. 

Why Choose RLD?

As you decide on a reputable Northeast Ohio moving company to help you achieve your last minute relocation goals, you might be wondering which movers provide the best options for you. Allow us to tell you why RLD is the perfect choice for your moving needs! 

  • Proven Trustworthy Reputation: Throughout our 25 year history, RLD has established a dependable reputation within the Akron community and beyond. With our reliable services and trusted expertise, we have gained a number of valuable affiliations that empower us to instill confidence in our customers when they choose to book with us. When you work with RLD, you can feel confident knowing you’re trusting a moving company that truly cares about the services it provides to its customers. 
  • Comprehensive Range of Services: At RLD, we offer a comprehensive menu of services to our customers. Our team of professionals provides a wide array of packing, moving, and storage solutions, enabling our clientele to enjoy the benefits of working with a full-service moving company. We can conveniently offer all the services you need in order to complete a simplified, straightforward move. 
  • Positive Customer Reviews: Through our range of expert services, we have amassed a collection of positive customer reviews, allowing us to provide peace of mind to those who choose to book with us. We greatly value our customer feedback and utilize these reviews to improve our services, and positive reviews tell us and our future customers what we’ve been able to successfully achieve through our diligent work. 
  • Fully Licensed & Insured: RLD Relocation & Logistics holds all necessary licensing and certifications to properly operate within the United States and beyond. We are licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and we are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. RLD also works as an Interstate Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving. These qualities allow us to provide trustworthy services to our valued customers.  

Life Gets Hectic. Choose RLD for Your Ohio Move!

At RLD Relocation & Logistics, we understand that life can be chaotic, messy, and hectic. Our team knows that, sometimes, we all need solutions that can accommodate our circumstances, even when we’re working on short notice. That’s why our last minute moving services exist: to provide dependable, efficient solutions when you’re on a time crunch.  

With RLD, even the moves with the most difficult circumstances can be completed successfully, making your relocation feel streamlined. Interested in learning more about how RLD can transform your last minute move? Request a quote online or give us a call today, and discover how your move can be quickly transformed with our services! 

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