Professional University Movers in Ohio

When it comes to relocating large institutions like colleges or universities, it’s imperative to have experienced, trustworthy movers on your side to ensure the relocation runs smoothly. From relocating entire schools to moving laboratories, libraries, or single departments, RLD Relocation & Logistics has been a part of many university moves in the past and exercises the utmost attention to detail and care when relocating the many assets involved in a relocation like this.   

With our comprehensive university moving services, you’ll have an organized moving process that accounts for all of the assets involved in your relocation, a professional packing team that are specially trained to handle laboratory equipment, delicate library books, technology, furniture, television or audiovisual equipment and more, as well as a professional project manager to oversee your entire operation from start to finish. Additionally, you can trust us to responsibly and seamlessly relocate your assets anywhere in the region, country, or world seamlessly so your organization experiences minimal downtime throughout the process.  

Ohio University Moving

Relocating large institutions like universities and schools requires experienced movers who will carefully plan and ensure minimal disruption to academic activities. With RLD Relocation & Logistics as your trusted university movers, you’ll receive comprehensive services that are customized to fit your facilities’ and departments’ individual needs.  

Our University Moving Services Include:

  • Move Planning: Moving an educational institution requires a huge amount of planning to keep your transition seamless and smooth from start to finish. Our customized planning and moving services will keep your move on track and customize your moving services and packages to fit your institution’s unique needs. We’ll collaborate closely with your institution’s officials and staff to keep your move smooth and easy. 
  • Strategized Packing & Moving: Packing and moving an entire school, university, or college requires a huge amount of detail, planning, and more to minimize the chance of loss or damage. Our industry-leading techniques will keep your organization’s items safe throughout their journey, and our team of experts can aid in disassembly, reassembly, installation, and more to ensure a seamless transition. 
  • Equipment Handling: From moving school furniture, laboratory equipment, IT infrastructure, audiovisual systems, and more, our team is trained to handle specialized educational equipment with the care and attention to detail that ensures their safety throughout the moving process. 
  • Staff Support & Employee Relocation: Relocating a large institution like a university or even a single department can uproot staff and faculty. That’s why we offer employee relocation services and staff support to make their transition as easy as your institution’s. 
  • Minimized Downtime: Like our medical and laboratory moving services, we know how important it is to minimize your institution’s downtime and disruption to academic activities. We offer all of our clients from universities and colleges the ability to flexibly schedule your move around holidays, school breaks, holidays, and more to ensure minimal disruption to your daily functions. 

Specialized University & College Moving Services

One of the biggest aspects of a university move to consider during your process is the many specialized assets being moved. From extremely sensitive laboratory or medical equipment to delicate, aged library books to audiovisual or radio equipment and tech, these items need trained hands and experienced movers to keep them safe and in their best condition during their relocation.  

Our team is trained to handle large-scale commercial moves like university moves with ease and handle all of the intricate aspects of these moves with the care you deserve when entrusting us with such equipment. 

Additionally, our services extend to not just moving entire universities or handling special equipment but can also be customized to move single departments or single schools within larger colleges. No matter what your university move requires, we have the expertise and experience to handle it safely and securely. 

University Storage Services

Whether looking to store items long-term that your university doesn’t have room for, or seeking storage options during your move, or looking for storage services after your relocation while you and your staff settle into your school’s new space, RLD Relocation & Logistics can accommodate these needs. We offer comprehensive commercial storage services that are designed to securely store items of all sizes, types, and value to ensure they are safe and kept in their best condition during their time with us.  

From storing antiques or artwork to laboratory/medical equipment, documents, books, furniture, and more, our warehouse can accommodate any storage need you might have. Additionally, you can rest assured that your items will be safe and secure while in our care. Our warehouse is climate-controlled to ensure your items are not damaged or have humidity build-up while stored, and we have 24/7 surveillance and security staff that keep your items safe at all times.  

Student & College Movers in Northeast Ohio

In addition to our full-scale university moving services, we also offer specialized services to help move into and out of their dorms or campus housing. Our services allow students to focus on their studies and final exams without having to worry about planning their move-outs or packing up all of their items at the last minute.   

Moving into a new college dorm is a super exciting time, especially if this is your or your child’s first year at their new school. That said, moving into a dorm building can quickly become a complicated and stressful process for the entire family if things are not handled correctly or put in the hands of experienced professionals.  

Whether moving into a shared room or single or multi-room campus housing, RLD has what it takes to make your relocation to your new school easy. Additionally, our easy professional packing and storage services make move-out easy come the end of the year, with items easily placed in safe and secure storage for use when the new term begins again. This saves you time, hassle, and space by keeping these temporarily unused items out of the way during school vacations or study abroad opportunities.  

Ready to Get Your Process Started?

RLD Relocation & Logistics make moving entire universities, departments, specialized equipment, or even college dorms easy. Our services encompass all aspects of university moving, and our straightforward and efficient services allow your institution to relocate seamlessly without undue downtime or disruption to the school year. Our flexible, customizable services allow you to move around your institution’s schedule, and provide services to accommodate any delicate equipment or furniture as part of your relocation. 

Ready to start your university’s moving journey? Contact RLD Relocation & Logistics today to get your moving process started. Give us a call at 234-334-7777 to learn more or request a free quote now. 

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