As you prepare for a long-distance relocation, you must handle everything from looking for a new home to packing and organizing the safe transportation of your items. Of these tasks, one element to consider is the transport of your vehicle.

For various reasons, people opt to transport their vehicle through a shipping service rather than driving it to their destination. From reducing wear and tear on your car, to general safety concerns, moving your car professionally can be a beneficial choice. When choosing this method, however, you need an auto moving company that can facilitate your vehicle’s transport with the highest level of care and expertise. For your auto transport needs, count on RLD Relocation & Logistics, your premier Northeast Ohio moving company servicing Akron and Canton.

Ohio Auto Transport Services You Can Trust

Since 1978, we have provided reliable transport services to Ohio and beyond, transforming the way our customers move. If you’re seeking solutions that will keep your automobile safe in transit, RLD has exactly what you need. Keep reading to discover more about our expert services.

Automobile Transport Services in Akron & Canton, OH

If you’ve never used automobile transport services before, you might be wondering how the process works, what to expect, and whether your automobile will be safe in transit. Luckily for you, the process is simple and secure, providing convenient, trustworthy solutions for your auto moving needs. Whether you need a car, truck, van, SUV, boat, or motorcycle moved, the team at RLD Relocation & Logistics has you covered.

  • Get Your Quote

The first step in our simple, straightforward procedure is receiving your quote. After you request an estimate online or speak with one of our moving experts on the phone, we will efficiently provide you with a quote for your specific needs. Our agents will be able to reliably provide a look at our competitive prices and answer any questions you may have about the price or the process as a whole.

The RLD team prioritizes clear communication every step of the way so we can provide you with a clear look at what’s ahead.

  • Book Your Services

Once you’ve decided to move forward with our auto transport solutions, it’s time to book. During this time, we will schedule pickup and dropoff dates, times, and locations. We work to accommodate your timing requirements as closely as possible through our scheduling.

  • Vehicle Pick Up

At your scheduled pickup date and time, our valued team members will arrive promptly at your location. Using safe and secure equipment and procedures, we will load your automobile onto our high-quality trucks, ensuring the safety of the vehicle while in transit. From there, we’ll transport your vehicle safely to its destination.

  • Vehicle Drop Off

Our team members will arrive at your new location to deliver your automobile at your scheduled drop off date and time. Depending on the distance, this process can take around 3 to 7 days, and our agents will inform you about this timeline during your initial consultation.

As your vehicle is in transit, you will be notified of any changes or delays. Once you inspect the vehicle with an RLD team member to ensure there are no damages, it’s time to sign off and pay. Simple as that!

Trusted Ohio Movers for Auto Transport

When you want a dependable moving company to complete your auto transport services, there is no better option than RLD Relocation & Logistics. For over 44 years, RLD has provided the very best in moving to our valued customers, and we take our role in our customers’ movers seriously.

We know that the help of movers can transform a move, and that’s why our team works to offer the highest caliber solutions to the Ohio area and beyond. Our auto transport services are always completed with quality and safety in mind, and we utilize dependable equipment and trained professionals to complete the task the right way.

Why Choose Auto Transport vs. Driving

As you decide whether or not auto transport services are right for you during your move, you might be wondering, “Why wouldn’t I just drive my vehicle to my new home?” Although this is an option, it’s unlikely to be the best option, especially when compared to auto transport.

  • Efficiency and Convenience

Nothing beats the efficiency and convenience of automobile moving services. Although completing a long distance drive may be doable for you, it certainly isn’t the most effective use of your time, especially during a busy move.

Instead, focus on other elements of your relocation, and allow your automobile to be handled for you. You’ll save time and energy, and will make better use of the time you otherwise would’ve spent driving to your new home.

  • Cost-Effective

Although you will spend money on the auto transport service, you’ll save money on plenty of other suspects. The money you would’ve spent on gas, lodging, food, and any tuneups before or after the drive can add up quickly, and this can actually end up being more costly opting for vehicle shipping.

  • Enhanced Safety

Using auto transport solutions can be a lot safer for both you and your vehicle. Long drives can be difficult and tiring, and driving while in this tired state isn’t the best idea.

Having the professionals transport your vehicle instead will remove this risk. In terms of your vehicle, these transport services keep your automobile safe and sound while being brought to your new home. With a lower risk of accident, you can feel confident that your vehicle is in good hands.

  • Prevents Wear and Tear

A long journey, especially for an older vehicle, can result in a lot of wear and tear. Instead of dealing with damages, added mileage, and any other issues that may pop up during an extended drive, consider auto transport services to keep your vehicle in the same condition as when it left.

  • Reduced Stress

When dealing with a move, it’s already easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the various aspects of the process. Set yourself up with a calm experience when you use auto transport services, as this solution can remove some worries from the move.

  • Moving Multiple Automobiles

If you need to move multiple vehicles to a different location, no problem! Make the task easy by counting on auto transport services to move all your cars for you. This is just another added convenience of relying on these solutions, as auto transport can accommodate multiple vehicles at once.

Transport Your Vehicle Safely with RLD!

Looking to transport your automobile? Look no further than RLD Relocation & Logistics. By counting on our team of moving experts, you can trust that your automobile is in safe hands, as our trained staff uses the best equipment and adheres to the highest standards every step of the way.

Receive the best customer service, best pricing, and overall experience when you make your next relocation a RLD move. Request a quote online, or give us a call at (234) 334-7777 to discover our trusted services at competitive rates.

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