5 Important Tips for Moving During the Pandemic

Many of our lives have been affected greatly by the current pandemic situation. The moving industry like many other industries have been affected. If you are considering moving in the near future, take into account these safety tips for moving during the pandemic.

  1. Don’t recycle supplies and boxes – instead of using boxes that you picked up from local businesses, buy new. Many moving companies offer the sale of moving materials, or you can order online from a company such as UHAUL or Staples.
  2. Contact your mover far in advance – one benefit of doing this is to secure your moving date. But also talk to your moving company about what steps they are taking to maintain sanitation and social distancing. You can read Hollander’s COVID action plan here.
  3. Be smart and organized – have everything packed and ready to go in an organized fashion in time for moving day. Preventing last minute details will allow movers to get in and out of your home quickly, keeping everybody safer.
  4. Offer sanitizing materials – Some companies are equipping their teams with sanitation items like hand sanitizer and wipes. Give your movers access to a sink and hand soap if possible to ensure that everyone is low-risk.
  5. Reschedule your move if you’re ill – your moving company will work with you to reschedule. It is much better to keep away the possibility of exposure.

Stay safe, and feel free to contact RLD with any questions at 234-334-7777

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