Best Cities to Move to in the Midwest

In the year 2023 and the inflation levels that come with it, it can feel nearly impossible to find a great place to move for a reasonable price. For people looking to move somewhere new, you might be feeling stuck. You may be wondering, “What locations are worth my time, effort, and money? Where can I successfully and happily relocate?” Although it may feel like the options are slim in our current real estate market, that isn’t necessarily the truth. If you’re seeking a great place to move in 2023, your perfect answer may be in the Midwest.

Why Move to the Midwest?

With many worthy candidates for a single person or a family to move, the options are plentiful. The Midwest provides plenty of moving choices at affordable prices. Interested in discovering four of the best places to move in the Midwestern United States this year? Keep reading to find out more about our top picks! 

The Midwest and its many regions has a lot to offer residents. Whether looking to move to Michigan, Kansas, Ohio, or anywhere in between, there’s plenty to love about all of these areas.

Ann Arbor, MI

First on our list is Ann Arbor, MI. Located west of Detroit, this Michigan city is lovingly called Tree Town by its residents. It ranks highly nationwide, and Livability has twice bestowed Ann Arbor with the distinction of the best place to live in America. That’s right — among all U.S. cities, Ann Arbor ranked the highest! The city is home to the University of Michigan, and as one of the nation’s best college towns, it has a lot to offer to its residents.

The job market is booming, with plenty of careers in education and healthcare readily available. Plus, there is a large number of tech companies in the area as well, making the town an excellent option for those in any of the previously mentioned fields. The city boasts plenty of things to do as well, whether you’re a foodie looking to visit delicious restaurants, a nature lover who wants to hike a scenic route, or an art buff who wants to spend time at a gallery.

Financially, living in Ann Arbor is somewhat above the United States average cost of living, but it also has plenty of perks that can outweigh the heightened prices and justify a move to Tree Town. The median monthly rent sits at around $1,110. The city is safer than 44% of U.S. cities, and the cost of utilities is more affordable than the U.S. average here. 

Columbus, OH

Next on our list is one of the largest Midwest cities, Columbus, the capital of Ohio. Despite this prominence, it’s also one of the most affordable cities in the region, offering plenty of perks for those looking to relocate.

The cost of living in Columbus sits at 11% below the national average, and the cost of healthcare is 14% below the national average, which is a major pull for people considering a move to Columbus.

Aside from the excellent financial aspect of moving here, there are plenty of aspects of Columbus that just might surprise you. As the home of Ohio State University, this metropolis has countless entertaining elements to provide to its residents. From sports to live music to festivals, it’s difficult to get bored in Columbus.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offer fun for the whole family. Kids will love to spend time at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center or the Zoombezi Bay water park. If that isn’t your thing, there are plenty of options for shopping, arts and entertainment, recreation, and much more!

Madison, WI

Known as the City of Four Lakes, the capital of Wisconsin lies west of Milwaukee and has a population of around 250,000. Amazingly, Madison boasts the most beaches, parks, and playgrounds per capita in the entirety of the United States.

The town provides the perfect mix of urban and suburban life for its residents, and this balance works as a major appeal. Although the cost of living is just about on par with the U.S. average, the cost of healthcare and transportation is below the national average.

Plus, there are plenty of major benefits when you live in this city. The economy is currently booming, thanks to the University of Wisconsin. Not to mention, there are so many things to do here. Madison is home to the Dane County Farmers’ Market, the largest producers-only market in America. There are lots of delicious food spots, as well as sporting events and concerts to attend. For people who enjoy the outdoors, there are many opportunities for biking and hiking. You can even check out the Cave of the Mounds! With so much to do, this is a great spot for any family. 

Overland Park, KS

Next on our list is Overland Park, KS, another town that is safer than 44% of towns in the United States. It’s part of the Kansas City metro area, meaning you can explore the city, but don’t be fooled — there are countless things to do in Overland Park itself as well.

If you’re looking to enjoy some shopping, the downtown area of the town is home to many great stores, especially boutiques.

Aside from shopping, you can enjoy nature in a variety of ways here. The Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens offer a beautiful look at over 1,700 plant species. You can also visit many parks and bike and hike trails. The 10-mile Overland Park portion of Indian Creek Trail is a beautiful place to spend time. Plus, the community centers offer great benefits for the residents of this Kansas town.

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