DIY Moving Tips

Moving on your own can be a daunting activity, but can also save you a lot of money. Here are some tips from the experts on how to prepare for your move.

Make sure you’re organized

Start by taking not of what you’ll need to pack, room by room. What must I bring? What can I leave behind/donate? Separate what you won’t be taking with you. From there you’ll want to organize things room by room, separating things from small to large, fragile and not.

Lots of Boxes

You’ll be surprised by how many boxes it takes to pack an entire apartment or house. Make sure you have plenty of boxes in a range of sizes. You probably already have a couple boxes lying around that will come in handy for your move. For the rest, you can visit your local shipping store or better yet, find recycled boxes from neighbors or online via craigslist or freecycle.

Don’t overpack/ don’t underpack

On one end, you don’t want to allow too much movement between your carefully packed belongings. But you also don’t want boxes that are heavy that can break under too much pressure. Keeping the weight evenly distributed is best, and when loading, make sure to keep heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter, more fragile boxes on top. Creating a color-coded labeling system can help with this.

Set proper time aside to move

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when moving. That’s why setting aside time each day to go through your belongings and organize everything is important. Begin with a couple of hours every day and increase as needed, without overextending yourself. It’s important to pack things carefully, sensibly, and correctly.

We’re here to help with your move if you should decide to not do a DIY move.
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