Pre-planning Furniture Placement

So you are moving soon. Your new space will probably be different from the space you have now. Can you imagine where you will put all of your furniture?

RLD Relocation & Logistics, your highly trusted moving company in Akron, highly recommends that you try to plan your furniture placement before move-in day. This will save your back and time later when you avoid having to move furniture around after our movers leave.

One great way to plan furniture placement is to have a floor plan of the house. Hopefully when you purchased the house or accepted your rental, you were given a floor plan with dimensions of rooms. You can then measure your furniture and see what walls and areas would best accommodate each piece.  Some people may even choose to draw their furniture to scale on the floor plan so they can really see how it all comes together. Not everyone will want to take the time to do that so basic measurements will do.

If you can’t get a floor plan of your new home, these days room dimensions are almost always provided on the on-line listings sites such as Zillow. You can also check with your realtor.

Furniture placement planning will make move-in day go more smoothly and when our moving crew leaves, everything will be exactly where you want it to be and you can relax with your feet up. RLD Relocation and Logistics wants to take the stress out of your move.

For more moving tips, you can visit our Moving Resources page for ideas for packing, planning and all things moving.


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