How RLD Makes Seasonal Storage Easy

For various reasons, people seek seasonal storage options for their belongings. Seasonal storage offers assistance when you need short-term, non-permanent solutions for your items. Fortunately, when you need storage options that you can count on time and time again, RLD Relocation & Logistics has got you covered. Our secure storage facility, located centrally in Northeast Ohio, provides countless satisfied customers with the solutions they need to fulfill their storage goals. Looking for a company that can offer reliable seasonal storage? Find out why storage with RLD is the perfect answer!


Why RLD Has the Ideal Canton Storage Solutions for You

As you search for a moving company to provide you with reliable storage options, you might be wondering why RLD is the right fit for your seasonal storage goals. Allow us to walk you through the many reasons why RLD has exactly what you need and much more!


  • Wide Array of Storage Options

At RLD Relocation & Logistics, you can trust that our team will accommodate your needs depending on what best suits your storage goals. We offer storage-in-transit, as well as permanent and non-temporary storage—an array of flexible options that empower you to access the ideal storage solutions for you.

These options allow us to tailor your storage experience to exactly what you’re looking for, rather than forcing you to fit into a particular format. With our solutions, you can trust that your expectations will be met and exceeded.

  • Climate-Controlled Facility

While your items are in storage, it’s important to make sure the environment maintains the correct temperature and humidity levels to prevent damage. Without the proper considerations, your items could sustain wear and tear just from sitting in these conditions. Fortunately, at RLD, our clean, climate-controlled facility empowers you to have no worries about the condition of your belongings while in storage. We make sure to maintain the right environment for the safe storing of your items.  

  • 24/7/365 Security

Through the storage options with RLD Relocation & Logistics, you never need to worry about the security of your belongings. All of our units are protected by a 24/7 monitoring system so we can guarantee the safety of your belongings. Our warehouse has burglar alarms (as well as fire alarms and a full sprinkler system) to ensure your items are stored with safety as a top priority. No need to worry while your items are stored in an RLD unit—your belongings will remain protected for the duration of their stay in our facility!

  • Plenty of Space

No matter how much space you’re searching for, we have plenty available for you. Our spacious units provide ample opportunity to hold your belongings with ease, accommodating an array of items. We provide our customers with customized vaults to accommodate their storage goals, allowing us to offer precisely what you need. Looking for help determining how much space you’ll need for your belongings? Our storage experts can assess your requirements through an in-home estimate, accurately gauging what you’ll need for your belongings.


  • Competitive Pricing

When you count on RLD for your seasonal storage needs, you can expect to receive high quality solutions at reasonable rates. Our seasonal storage prices allow you to access convenient options without breaking the bank—a huge perk of working with us. Our team believes in delivering professional, efficient, worry-free moving at a cost-effective rate, and we aim to deliver that through all of our services.


Trust RLD for Your Seasonal Storage Needs

When it comes to seasonal storage, RLD Relocation & Logistics is second to none. We provide the highest quality storage units in a secure, conveniently located facility so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. No matter how long you need to store your items, you can trust that our warehouse will keep your belongings protected and in great condition. 

With RLD on your side, storage can feel like a breeze. We have over 44 years of experience in the industry, and we have consistently maintained a commitment to excellence through each and every service we provide. Our team works diligently to provide services that make your life easier. Interested in experiencing moving, packing, and storage the RLD way? Request a quote online or call us today at (234) 334-7777!

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