How to Donate Furniture Before Moving

As you prepare for a relocation, there are plenty of items that end up getting decluttered. Of these items, you’re likely to end up with some furniture that won’t make the cut to come to your new home. What should you do with these pieces of furniture? Donating your furniture is the best solution: a convenient option that gives new life to your old pieces.

Fortunately, donating furniture items is a lot easier than you might think. Curious about how to approach this process? Keep reading, and discover how to donate your furniture before moving!


Your Guide to Donating Furniture

If you’re looking for the best approach to donating your furniture, never fear—the process is simple and straightforward. In just seven simple steps, you can effectively clear space and give your old furniture a new home!


  • Decide What to Declutter

The first step of the process is deciding what you’re willing to part with. You may find that you no longer like an item or that it doesn’t fit in your new space. Perhaps certain furniture items don’t match the style in your new home. Whatever the case may be, you’re likely to have things that aren’t worth bringing along with you as you relocate. Before you do anything else, sort through these items and make a list of what you want to declutter prior to your relocation.


  • Clean & Repair

Before you bring your furniture to a donation location, you need to make sure your items are in the best condition possible. Clean the furniture as much as you can to prepare the items for the next owner properly. For items with fabric, such as couches, this may mean steam cleaning the pieces; for other items without fabric, you may just be able to wipe down the surface thoroughly. In the same vein, repair any minor damages to maximize the quality of the item. The better the condition, the more likely a donation center will be to take it.


  • Research Local Charities

Once your items are fully prepared to be donated, it’s time to research local charities that accept furniture donations. On a national level, you can opt for the most well-known options, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. However, you may have charities local to your area that accept these types of donations as well. Schools, shelters, and local community centers are also great candidates to consider as you search for places to bring your furniture items. These charities and organizations offer excellent missions that allow you to feel good about giving your items a new home.


  • Contact Organization

Found the organization you want to donate to? Now it’s time to reach out and acquire more information about the requirements for furniture donations. Inquire about any specifics that you should know prior to donating, and find out if all the items you want to donate are eligible. Additionally, you can discover more information about whether or not they provide pickup options.


  • Schedule Pickup If Necessary

If the organization you’re moving forward with provides pickup services, decide whether you need them for your items. If so, schedule a pickup date and time for the organization to get your furniture donations. This service can provide added convenience, simplifying the donation process—a huge benefit during your relocation. Plus, if you’re donating numerous large items, it will be much easier to have their crew transport them for you.


  • Prepare for Donation

On donation day, make sure your items are easily accessible for pickup so the crew can quickly grab your belongings. This may involve disassembling larger items, removing any obstacles, and clearing a path for them. If you’re dropping off the items yourself, you will still need to prepare the items. Disassemble items as necessary and make sure to load the items into your vehicle carefully to avoid any damage in transit. 


  • File Tax Deduction

Don’t forget about your tax deduction! If you’re donating to a qualified nonprofit organization, ask for a receipt. Many donations are tax-deductible, and you can use the receipt when filing your taxes. Completing this step isn’t necessary, but it’s a great option that can offer a small break on your taxes.


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