How to Move Houseplants

A lot of people’s houseplants are kind of like their children in a way. They feed and attend to them, and care for them and make sure that anything they need is taken care of in all aspects. This is also the case when it comes to moving with plants – they can be just as complicated as moving with kids sometimes! For the plant parents out there who are moving house and are wondering how to move houseplants in a way that doesn’t stress them too much or damage them, we’ve got everything you need to know to move plants safely. 

Preparing for Moving Houseplants

Whether you’re headed across the block or out of state, make sure that you take the time to properly prepare your plants for a move. Packing plants isn’t as simple as just shoving them into your car as you please – moving with plants’ preparation often begins sometimes as early as 3 weeks prior to moving day. By taking the time to adequately prepare your plants for your move, however, you’re ensuring their safety and making sure they’re in their best shape possible for the relocation.

Prior to Moving Day

If you’re taking your plants out of state or to a different environment or region, make sure to do your research as to how the climate or average temperature you’re headed to will impact your plants’ health. Check to see if they’ll need additional care or tools to be at peak health in your new home.

In addition to the difference in temperature or climate state to state, make sure the state you’re moving to doesn’t have rules or regulations preventing your plant from coming across state lines. Certain states like California, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, and Washington have restrictions on plants you can bring in, so do a little extra research if you’re headed their way. 

How to Pack Houseplants

We all know houseplants are very delicate and need a lot of love and care to make sure they’re kept safe during a move. Take your time to keep them in their best condition, and to make sure they don’t make a mess during packing or moving!

When preparing potted plants, you’ll want to repot your plants into plastic pots with the right potting soil for them. This will make them easier to carry, and will let you pack their much heavier ceramic pots separately.

Remove dead leaves and prune foliage from your plants about a week prior to moving day to make sure your plants are in their best condition prior to moving. Additionally, water plants about 3 days before your moving day. This will ensure that they’re well hydrated, while also making sure they’re not actively damp and dripping everywhere on moving day.

On Moving Day

On moving day, put plastic bags around each of your plants’ pots and tie it securely, but gently at each plant’s base. This will keep their soil contained and stop it from spilling everywhere. Then, place bagged plants into boxes to keep them stable and more contained.

Leave the boxes of your plants open if you can so they can breathe, but otherwise poke holes in your boxes and seal them loosely. Store your plants directly in your vehicle with you or in the cab of your truck.

Most moving companies recommend keeping your plants with you in your vehicle or arrange for them to travel with you, as a moving truck is not an ideal space for them, and can result in their death. 

Traveling with Plants

When traveling with plants in your car, make sure to give them a little extra attention on your journey, especially if you’re going a long distance. Check up on them for signs of stress, to see if they need more water, or to adjust their position for more or less sunlight in the car. 

If you’re staying in a hotel during your trip, don’t leave your plants in the car inside! Take them into your room with you to protect them from temperature changes, and to provide them with the airflow they need (and won’t get in a sealed car overnight!). 

For the rest of your items, make sure you’re utilizing movers with the experience and professionalism to make sure your move is taken care of in all aspects. Contact RLD Relocation for all of your moving needs taken care of. 

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