How to Pack Your Kitchen Before a Move

You’re preparing for your big move, slowly but surely making your way through a long list of tasks that you need to complete prior to moving day. Undoubtedly, you’re feeling a bit stressed about everything that needs to be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. 

As you prepare to pack, one of the areas of your house that can feel the most challenging to put into boxes is the kitchen. Most kitchens are filled with items big and small, some of which need a little extra care when packing to avoid damage in transit. 

This process can be time-consuming and might feel especially difficult in comparison to other parts of the house. Luckily, though, packing your kitchen ahead of a move doesn’t need to feel like a nightmare. Interested in discovering the best steps to follow to simplify packing your kitchen? Keep reading to find out!

How to Pack a Kitchen

Understanding how to pack items safely and in a process that’s convenient and not too stressful for you is key to transporting everything efficiently and with care in mind. Learn the best ways to pack your kitchen and how to start the process below.

  • Declutter Unnecessary Items First

As with any other part of your house, you will want to complete a thorough declutter before packing away any of your kitchen items. Decluttering allows you to clear out the belongings you no longer want or need, which will ultimately give you a lot more space in the kitchen at your new home. Plus, this will prevent you from spending an unnecessary amount of time and energy on packing (and unpacking!). 

When you declutter, it will likely be easiest to start with the places that get the least amount of love, like the back of drawers, cabinets, and the pantry. These areas are the most prone to accumulating unused items that get pushed to the back. Oftentimes, we will have every intention of using these items when we get them, but then they become long since forgotten in the shadows of our cabinets. For things like this, the best way to assess if it’s time to get rid of them is to ask yourself if you’ve used them in the past year or if you will use them in the next year. If your honest answer to both of these questions is no, it’s time to get rid of it.

  • Get Plenty of Protective Materials

The glass products and even some of the plastic ones found in the kitchen can be prone to easily breaking in transit. Because of this, you want to be sure you’re properly protecting your belongings so you can avoid any potential damage. To do this, you’ll want to get the right supplies. This can include, but isn’t limited to, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, moving blankets, and cell kits for glasses. You will also need boxes in various sizes to accommodate your items. For appliances like blenders and toasters, if you have the original packaging, it is best to use that for packing. 

  • Make Smart Use of Your Space

As you pack the items in your kitchen, you will find that there are plenty of handy spots to store your smaller belongings. To make the best use of your space, refrain from leaving these areas empty, and instead use them as a way to neatly organize your smaller items wherever you can. For instance, large pots or slow cookers take up a lot of space, and if they’re left empty, much of the space is then wasted. Opt for using these items to store things such as spices; this gives them a smaller container to stay in where they won’t get jostled around as much, ultimately making things much more neat and organized. 

  • Save Your most Used Items for Last

Finally, you will want to wait to pack your everyday items until the last minute to avoid any potential inconveniences. For any utensils, plates, bowls, or important cooking items that you use regularly, try to wait as long as possible until you pack them so you don’t need to deal with the hassle of unpacking things from boxes that you have already finished. This essentials box will also be good to distinguish from the rest of your items, as you’ll know that it’s a priority to unpack once you arrive at your new home.

Make Kitchen Packing Easy with Professional Packing Services

With these steps in mind, you can easily pack your kitchen in a successful and efficient manner and feel prepared for moving day. Looking for a reliable moving company to transport your items? 

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