How to Recycle and Reuse Your Moving Boxes

Are you coming out of a move and are now left with a plethora of empty boxes you have no use for? Do you feel bad for throwing away so many boxes, but don’t know how else you would put them to use? Read further for some tips and handy hacks to put your leftover moving boxes to good use, or to put them to use in your home.

  1. Donate Them to Others

If you’ve just moved, especially in the summer months, odds are others around you are moving as well. Donate your boxes from your move to friends or put them up on Facebook Marketplace, FreeCycle, Nextdoor, or Craigslist to recycle and reuse them.  Clearing the boxes out of your house will help you feel more accomplished, and will put them to good use.

  1. Give Them to Your Kids or Neighbors’ Kids

There’s nothing children love more than creating spaceships or playhouses out of cardboard boxes of any size. Your old moving boxes might just be an annoyance or something that just takes up space in your new house, but for your or your new neighbors’ kids, it could make for a fun art and crafts project or just a fun makeshift playhouse for them. They can make spaceships, boats, mini store fronts, or cut them up and glue them all together or make one big cardboard playhouse in their room or in the backyard!

  1. Turn Them into Makeshift Storage

Since you’ve just moved, odds are you don’t have a ton of storage set up already in your new home. Whatever can’t fit in new closet or spaces might just be lying about for the time being, but why not put those old moving boxes to good use? Store your seasonal items in your new garage, attic, or hall closet using your old moving boxes – at least for the time being. It will allow you to get some things out of the way while you settle in and allow you to reuse your boxes responsibly.

Whether you’re planning to donate or reuse your moving boxes, there’s always a better option than just throwing them out. Recycle them or look online for addition donation places to bring them to.

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