RLD Logistics, LLC is an asset-based Northeast Ohio logistics company located in Akron and comprised of agents specializing in LTL and TL freight brokerage services throughout the forty-eight contiguous United States. Our extensive use of small to mid-size independent carriers and affiliates results in a highly variable cost structure which significantly reduces our capital investment, thereby allowing us to increase our overall asset utilization giving us the ability to perform as a large firm with very little overhead. RLD has forged a new partnership with LDI Logistics providing a nationwide network of logistics providers.

What Sets us Apart

As an alternative to a fixed cost structure used by large 3PL’s and trucking companies, our variable cost structure business model is an absolute measure of sales allowing us to decrease costs as sales decrease while protecting our profitability and guarding against large scale operating losses, all of which makes it possible for us to generate profits by the volume of business we do.

This means that we are able to prudently reduce our risk of insolvency and offer strength and stability to our customers and partners without charging exorbitant commissions and fees to cover overhead and operating expenses. This results in reduced freight costs for our shippers and greater revenue for our carriers.

This model also contributes to the stability of our cash flow. For carriers this means the ability to get paid quicker. For our shippers it means standard billing with attractive incentives and quick payment options. Together, these attributes allow us to gain a competitive advantage and greater market share in our industry.

Our Philosophy

Because we are able to operate with huge efficiency, shippers count on us every day to give them the best price point. Matched against thousands of similar shipments, our shipper’s freight is entered into our database of qualified carriers and queried on requested lanes, times of pickup and delivery, special circumstances, type of freight, weight, and length of haul allowing the freight market to dictate our prices!

We simply utilize our cutting edge freight brokerage software to match your freight to a standard rate based on your shipment criteria and arrange for one of our trusted carriers to hit the Road, pick up the Load, and get it to a Dock.

Become an Agent

We support all of our agent professionals in growing their agency. This allows you to focus on your clients while RLD Logistics takes care of all of the necessary paperwork and back-end services. Creating a business partnership with us shows a determination to succeed at your professional career.

Our agents are some of the highest paid in the industry today. Because we understand that as an agent your efforts are a key function of what makes America’s freight move, we offer up to a 76/24 split, 76% to the agent!  Call RLD Logistics today and see what else makes us your first choice to grow with.

Accredited Moving Services & Community Affiliations

RLD Relocation & Logistics proudly affiliates itself with the following community groups: