Moving During the Summer: Tips and Tricks

As summer reaches its height, people are gathering around the world to barbeque, go on vacation, hike, bike and take advantage of the hot temperatures and energy that the season brings. Especially after an especially dismal COVID-19 winter, many people are feeling more invigorated than ever to have fun and get out in the sun.

As summer rolls through, it also means many must gear up to move to a new home. Having more hours of daylight and no cold, snow, or ice makes moving easier in a lot of ways, which makes the summer peak moving season. Whether you’re moving yourself or using a company, use our tips and tricks to keep your moving experience smooth and stress-free this summer.

Plan, Plan, Plan.

Get a head start on your move and save yourself a lot of last-minute stress by booking your move with a company or renting a moving truck to move yourself well in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute – moving companies may be fully booked for summer or all rentals may be taken up if you wait. Try not to move on holidays or weekends, when demand is higher.

Start Early in the Day

All because you don’t have to deal with the cold doesn’t mean moving in the summer is a breeze – moving in the heat can be just as tricky. Avoid moving your things or directing movers in the height of the heat of the day by getting an early start and getting it out of the way before heat and humidity levels rise. Start early also often means less traffic, which in turns means you can get to your new place faster.

Keep Everything Labelled

Organization is key when pulling off a successful move, especially in the summer. Make sure to specifically label any boxes containing electronic devices, or pack them separately. These devices are especially susceptible to overheating or malfunctioning when exposed to high temperatures for a long period, so keep them safe and separate.

Hydrate & Take Breaks

It’s easy to feel compelled to get everything done at once and in as little time as possible, but it’s important to cool down, take breaks, and stay hydrated. Moving is an arduous task, heat makes it even worse. Make sure you and your movers are staying healthy and keeping themselves safe.

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