Moving From Ohio to Indiana? Everything You Need to Know

Relocating from the Buckeye State to the Hoosier State? This exciting interstate transition can be an excellent change, but just like any other long-distance move, it comes with its own sets of stressors. To make the most of this relocation and improve your experience, it’s crucial to take the right steps. What’s the best way to simplify your move from Ohio to Indiana? How can you make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about your move from Ohio to Indiana!

How to Find the Right Interstate Movers

Before you embark on your move from Ohio to Indiana, you need to have a dependable interstate moving company on your side to ensure your relocation runs as smoothly as possible. This includes looking for a company with experience in interstate moves and specialties in this type of relocation. You also need a company that upholds a high level of care and attention to detail in handling your items and ensuring their safety throughout the journey.

Finally, you need Ohio movers who emphasize the importance of amazing customer service and overall customer experience, and who also have excellent customer reviews to back up their services and claims. Looking for the best Ohio movers for the job? See what RLDMoving & Storage can do for your interstate move. 

How to Prepare for an Interstate Move

Once you’ve figured out your moving company, you’ll need to prepare for your move and everything that comes with it. From planning and packing, to updating addresses and switching over utilities, the following are some important things to remember during the course of your interstate moving process.

  • Start Planning in Advance

The most important step of any relocation is to start planning your move as far in advance as you can. Why? Moving can feel incredibly stressful, especially when you’re rushing to get things done. By creating a plan ahead of time and handling the tasks in manageable chunks, you aren’t forced to rush to complete your move. Before you do anything else, start by creating a timeline (complete with a to-do list) and a budget. These items will serve as guides for you to get everything done in a timely manner that coincides with your financial situation.

Another critical aspect of planning in advance is allowing yourself time to declutter before your move. By doing this, you save yourself a lot of time and energy that would be spent on packing and unpacking, and you also will end up saving money if you hire professional Ohio movers. To effectively declutter your space, divide your belongings into four categories — donate, sell, trash, and keep. Then, sort through your items a little bit at a time. This is why it’s necessary to start in advance, as having more time to handle this task makes the project a lot easier to handle. 

  • Get Quotes From Numerous Companies

Next on your list should be to get estimates from numerous moving companies in Ohio. Requesting quotes from at least three companies allows you to get the best price possible, as you will be able to see what the general price range for a move of your size will be, and then you can choose the price point that works best for you with the services being provided. Make sure you’re doing your research on each company to verify their credibility. Each company should offer an in-home assessment to accurately determine how much your services will cost. Another acceptable option is to receive a virtual assessment, as many movers have this technology available.

  • Prioritize Organization When You Pack

Once you’ve decluttered your home and pared down the number of items you’ll be moving, it’s time to start packing. This is a dreaded part of the process for many, but with the right approach, it can feel extremely simple and straightforward. When you pack, make sure to prioritize organization above all else. Although doing this might feel more time-consuming, if you divide the task into smaller segments, you can do it much more efficiently without feeling overwhelmed.

The best way to stay organized while you pack is to work one room at a time. Items from different rooms shouldn’t go inside the same box, as this can become complicated and unorganized when you unpack. Don’t move along to the next room until the first room is done. Be sure to label each box, and be detailed so you can easily discern what’s inside. It’s also best to write the contents on a few sides so you can see the labels from various angles. 

  • Protect Your Items

Another crucial part of packing is using the right protection for your belongings. As you move from Ohio to Indiana, your items will need to go on a 3 hour journey from your former home to your new one. In the process, they can easily be jostled in transit without the right protective materials. Using packing supplies such as bubble wrap or packing paper around your more fragile items is an important step to take. Additionally, you can repurpose items in your house like blankets and towels to protect your belongings. These items can offer excellent padding to your fragile belongings.

  • Update Your Address

When you relocate, there are a few different parties who need to be alerted about your change of address in a timely manner. These contacts include your bank, your insurance provider, your place of work, the postal service, the IRS, and any other important parties who regularly contact you. Be sure to let these places know about your new address with enough notice so you don’t miss any important pieces of mail in the interim. 

  • Bring a Bag of Essentials

Finally, when you pack, be sure to save your essential items for last, as they should be brought with you in a separate bag that stays with you on moving day. These necessary items will likely include toiletries, a change of clothes, and any medications you need — plus anything else you will foresee yourself needing on the day of your move. This is an important part of the process as it prevents you from needing to dig through any boxes for items and struggling to find them.

Moving From Ohio to Indiana Made Simple

With these steps in mind, completing your interstate move can be completely straightforward and effortless. Looking for North Canton movers to help you complete the task?

Trust RLDMoving & Storage to get the job done. Our reliable moving services can get your belongings to your new home efficiently, and as a Wheaton World Wide Moving agent, we can facilitate interstate relocations with no problem. Interested in discovering more about our affordable, high quality services? Request a free quote today, and get ready for your most convenient move ever!

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