Organizational Tips for Moving

Getting organized in your home can sometimes feel like a losing battle. With so much else going on in your busy schedule, you might feel like as soon as you tidy up even a little bit, you’re quickly faced with another mess — and because of that, it seems like you’ll never catch up. Although the task can be daunting, there’s good news to discover: organizing your home doesn’t need to feel like a constant struggle.

By handling the process one step at a time and utilizing expert tips and tricks, you can tidy your home like a pro and make the most of your space, no matter how big or small. Interested in learning more? Check out some of our most effective tips to make organization a breeze!

How to Organize Your Home

Having an orderly home free of excess items or clutter makes life easier and more stress-free for you and your family – and it’s easier than you think. Keep your home clear and organized with the following strategies.

  • Set aside time

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t give yourself the impossible expectation of organizing the entire house in one weekend.

Organization needs to become a practice in your everyday life — a marathon rather than a sprint. Although you might feel stressed about any clutter you may be experiencing in your home and simply want to address it immediately, it’s important to take it step by step instead of rushing to get it done.

The best way to do this is to carve out time in your schedule to handle the various tasks associated with organizing. Whether this is a daily practice or a weekly routine, making time is key. You don’t need to allot hours and hours of rigorous cleaning. Instead, do what you can, and choose a realistic time frame that fits into your schedule.

  • One in, one out

One great way to prevent yourself from amassing large amounts of clutter in your home is to follow the “one in, one out” rule. When you obtain a new item and bring it into your home, that means it’s time to get rid of something else that you no longer want or need. Although this may not be feasible every single time, especially once you’ve gotten rid of a lot of the clutter in your house, it’s a great principle to follow, as it prevents an overload of items from taking up space in your home.

  • Declutter regularly

Along with the previous tip, you should also be decluttering your home regularly to weed out anything that no longer needs to take up your space.

The best way to do this is to divide your items into the following categories: donate, sell, trash, and keep. When you first begin this process, you’ll likely have a lot more to get rid of. This may be an excellent opportunity to have a yard sale so you can declutter many items at once. Additionally, you can easily give items a new life by donating them to a local thrift shop.

Once you get in the habit of doing these declutters, you will probably have less and less to eliminate from your home, but it’s a great way to keep your closets and cabinets neat and tidy.

  • Labeling is key

There’s no such thing as too much labeling. Seriously. When you place items into containers within your home, one of the best things you can do to get organized and stay organized is to label everything thoroughly.

This allows you to reinforce the idea that everything has a set place where it belongs, and it’s a visual reminder of that fact. Not to mention, if there are numerous people in your household, it allows everyone to know where things belong without even needing to ask, keeping everyone on the same page.

  • Store items where they’re used

This may seem obvious, but it’s a great rule to stick to. You should always keep your items where you use them. Why store something in a different room than where it’s primarily used? This only acts as a barrier to actually putting it away where it needs to go.

You’ll be a lot less likely to place things in their designated area if it takes longer to do so, such as by taking them into a different part of the house. Make organizing easier for yourself, and keep everything in the same place as where it gets used.

  • Use organizational tools

As you place things into drawers or cabinets, it’s very easy for the space to suddenly become messy and unruly. Especially if you’re just throwing things in there without any rhyme or reason, you’ll find that suddenly your manageable drawer has become full to the brim with random items that may not even belong there.

For almost all of your drawers, enlist the help of a drawer organizer or drawer divider. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles so you can make the most of whatever you need to organize. In fact, you’ll find that for cabinets, closets, and many other spaces, there’s an organizational tool or container that can perfectly suit your needs.

  • Utilize bins, boxes & more!

Bins, bins, and more bins! Or baskets, racks, shelves, containers… Whatever works for the area you’re trying to organize. Whether it’s in a closet, under your bed, mounted on a wall, or on a shelf, make the most of the space by obtaining the tools you need.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to add these elements to your home. You can find awesome organizational elements for affordable prices, even in bulk if you need them!

  • Make organization a habit

Finally, turn organization into a habit. It may seem difficult or even unnatural at first, but the key to staying organized is to sustain the process over a long period of time.

If you change your daily habits a little bit at a time, they will start to become second nature. It won’t happen right away, but you’ll notice that organizing will stop feeling overwhelming and start feeling like a small, manageable step that you incorporate into your everyday life.

Decluttering Done? Get Ready for Your Ohio Move!

Now that you have the right know-how to achieve organization in your home, you’ve got everything you need to live in the tidiest house ever.

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