Spring Moving Tips for 2023

Although you might expect that spring would be the most popular time of year to move, many people actually complete their relocations during the summer months. For this reason, spring can actually be the best time to relocate. 

Why Move in Spring?

These warmer months have excellent perks when it comes to completing a relocation, and many people take full advantage of the springtime in Ohio to move to their new home. However, if you’re planning to relocate this spring, there are some tips and tricks to help you maximize the outcome of your move and make it the best it can be. 

By using our six simple steps, you can transform your spring relocation into an easy, straightforward experience with the most efficiency. Interested in finding out how? Keep reading!

  • Book in Advance

Despite the fact that summer is more popular than spring for relocations, don’t make the mistake that spring is a slow time of year for your local movers. Especially as you get closer to summertime, the amount of people completing a relocation rapidly increases.

Because of this, waiting too long to book your services can negatively affect your move and can even result in problems booking with trusted Ohio movers. If you’re planning a move in the spring, you should absolutely reach out to moving companies in Ohio as far in advance as you can. 

There are a few reasons why it’s in your best interest to schedule services with movers ahead of time. First, if you get in the books before other people, you have the luxury of choice. You will more easily be able to snag the dates you want without needing to adjust your schedule. This is a perk that can save you the headache of rearranging your plans. 

Next, the further in advance you book, the more likely you will be to receive a discount on your move. Since moving can be extremely pricey, ways to cut down on costs are usually sought after. With these perks in mind, it’s wise to start reaching out to moving companies as soon as you know when you’ll be completing your relocation. 

  • Do Your Spring Cleaning & Host a Yard Sale

Spring is frequently regarded as the time of year when people tidy their homes and purge any items they no longer want or need. Springtime feels like a fresh start when you can let go of the clutter of the winter, which is why it’s even more ideal when you’re getting ready to complete a relocation. Take advantage of this time of year, and start your spring cleaning a little bit earlier to be on time for your spring relocation.

As you prepare, you should begin dividing your items into categories: donate, sell, trash, and keep. Try your best to eliminate anything that you haven’t used in a few months and that you can’t realistically foresee yourself using in the next few months, especially if the item is easily replaceable. 

Allowing these items to take up space unnecessarily will only create unneeded tasks as you pack and unpack your belongings. Finding new homes for the belongings that are in good condition also allows you to recycle something in a way that allows someone else to get usage out of it.

Plus, since you’ll have the spring weather on your side, this is the perfect time to host a yard sale to get rid of the items you no longer want or need and make some extra money while you’re at it. Spending a weekend morning ahead of your move hosting a yard sale is a great use of your time and truly allows you to make the most of the season and the circumstances. 

  • Work With the Weather

Despite the fact that spring can bring us beautiful, warm weather and sunny skies, it’s also true that springtime results in rain and even snow depending on where you live. There’s a reason why “April showers bring May flowers” is such a popular phrase after all! This somewhat unpredictable weather can definitely present unique challenges for those relocating during the spring. You might be expecting the weather to be sunny and 75º and end up with a cold, rainy day. 

To be properly prepared for any potential changes in the forecast, have furniture covers ready in case you need them. Having plastic coverings for your boxes can make a big difference in the quality of your moving day and can prevent any mishaps from occurring and harming your belongings. 

  • Prevent Pollen From Getting Inside

During this time of year, it’s no secret that spring allergies can be an absolute pain to deal with. The high density of pollen in the air during the springtime is notorious for causing coughing, wheezing, and sneezing all season long, and when you’re going in and out of your house on moving day, you’re likely to, unfortunately, be dealing with that. 

Especially since your doors will be open, the pollen will likely get in your house as well. Although it’s nearly impossible to prevent pollen from getting in your home at all, you can minimize the effects by having boxes fully sealed and furniture items covered.

  • Pack & Protect

Of course, regardless of the time of year you’re moving during, you will want to make sure your items are effectively protected as you pack them. It’s crucial to pack in an organized manner with the proper protection to avoid any damages sustained in transit. 

Your belongings will be carried numerous times and can potentially be jostled when they’re in the moving truck. Because of this, without the right protective measures, you run the risk of your more fragile items being damaged. Prepare yourself with sturdy boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and any other items that can help to give your belongings the proper reinforcement in their boxes.

  • Stay Hydrated on Moving Day

Finally, remember to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your movers on moving day. Especially if it’s hot outside, it’s important to stay hydrated as you work to move your belongings out of your old home and into your new one. 

Even on a cooler day, moving requires a lot of physical labor, so you should have plenty of water, as well as snacks at the ready. Take breaks as necessary so you don’t burn yourself out. Taking care of yourself in this way will allow you to make your move as positive as possible.

How to Find the Best Moving Company This Spring

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