What to Look for When Hiring Akron Movers for a City Move

If you’re moving to or from a city or a high-rise apartment, getting your things to or from your new location can be a lot more complicated than suburban moving. To keep your spirits high and your stress levels low, it’s important to find Akron movers who are well experienced and equipped for city moves.

Here are some perks to hiring movers specializing in city moves:

Familiarity with the Area

No matter what city you’re living in, it’s important to have movers who know their way around your city and area. From tiny side streets to strange parking situations, it’s important to have people conducting your move who are familiar with local setups and who are prepared to handle them.

Experience in Navigating Buildings

Navigating any unique home can be an experience in and off itself, but navigating the twists and turns of city apartment buildings is a whole other story. From modern high rises to older walk ups with no elevators, it’s important to have movers familiar with the style of city building (and any narrow hallways or tight stairways) that you may live in.

Proper Equipment

Just as experience with city building types is important, it’s also important to employ movers who have equipment specifically tailored to help navigate your building or city home, as well as move anything you have through tight hallways or stairways.

Hiring movers who specialize in city moves isn’t much different from hiring movers to conduct a suburban or rural area move – it’s all about finding what’s right for you. Make sure you do your research and make sure that your movers are familiar with your type of building and in moving your items through the city. Make sure they are insured and have reasonable pricing options, and have friendly and helpful customer service representatives. Happy moving!

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