Winter Moving Tips

As temperatures around the country continue to dip, you might be looking for strategies to be the most comfortable and prepared for your winter move if you’re currently planning one in the near future. Though moving in the winter can of course be a very cost-effective solution for your relocation needs, and is a very economical time to move for homeowners and renters alike due to lower moving and housing prices during this time, being fully prepared for what a winter move entails will ensure that your relocation is successful, comfortable, and safe. 

Taking advantage of the unexpected benefits that can come with a winter move can let you save a lot of money and have an overall much more efficient relocation. If you’re considering a winter move and haven’t fully decided if this is the best time of year for you to move or not, our winter moving tips can help you make the best decision that saves you the most money possible. We’ll answer all of your winter moving questions and help you plan your winter move, plus will include all of the best winter moving tips to help you prepare for your relocation. 

How to Find the Right Winter Moving Company

Before tackling all of the winter moving tips you need to have the safest and most efficient move possible, let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of any moving process, especially a local or long-distance winter move. So what should you look for in a winter moving company? 

Properly planning a move for winter means saving yourself and your household stress, money, and time, and will ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible – and that you’re well prepared for inclement weather you might come across. Having an experienced professional moving company by your side for a move like this also means not having to worry about your items’ efficiency or safety when being handled by your movers, as you’ll be working with a moving company that only employs experienced drivers and moving crews who know exactly what to do in the face and inclement weather or wintery conditions that would intimidate less experienced moving companies or people trying to pull off a DIY winter moving by themselves. 

So how do you look for the right Ohio moving company for your winter move? To find the right professional Ohio movers, you should first consider what type of move you’re embarking on, and any specialty services you might require. This is especially important for long-distance moving since there are a lot more variables to consider to keep your move safe and well-handled. 

To find the right movers, look only at companies that provide the services you’ll need and who have excellent reviews on third-party review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or the Better Business Bureau. You might wonder why we’re specifically mentioning third-party review sites, and it’s because reviews posted on company sites can easily be moderated or filtered to only show favorable ones. With real, unfiltered reviews on third-party sites, you can ensure that you’ll hear the truth about the general experience your potential companies provide. 

After narrowing down your moving companies based on reviews, look up their licenses and USDOT numbers with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), to make sure they have all of the right legal measures put in place. If a company lacks these credentials or doesn’t have any reviews posted, this is a sign of a potential moving scam. After doing this, shop around for quotes from these companies to determine who will give you the right services at the right price point for your budget. This will also give you a good idea of who will give you the customer service and treatment you’re looking for. 

If you’re looking for the best Ohio professional movers, look no further than RLDMoving & Storage. As the best moving company in North Canton, OH, we’ll give you the most personalized services, but with international capabilities and unparalleled prices. 

How to Plan for Winter Moving

After determining what you need to do to find the right Ohio movers for you, it’s time to consider the actual planning process for your winter move. After locking down your movers and setting your moving date, it’s time to actually pack and plan for your packing strategy. After all, if you begin planning early, you can have a relaxing moving process that’s easy and works with your existing schedule and lifestyle, instead of being stressed and rushing to pack last minute. 

Booking your movers well ahead of time and moving during the most affordable moving season will let you save money and time, which will let you save on stress and chaos during the moving process too. The following are our best tips for winter packing and moving during the winter. 

  1. Have a Backup Plan

 Though winter is a very convenient and super affordable way to move during the winter due to lowered prices and less competition for both movers and housing during this time, if you live in an area with all four seasons, you need to have a backup plan to keep your moving process running smoothly. Since winter can bring with it cold fronts or weather that doesn’t work for the moving process, always have a backup moving date or a plan in place to make sure your move continues to go smoothly no matter what. 

  • Winter Weather

This refers to both preparing for the weather you might experience during the moving process externally, but also refers to the way that you dress for the weather during your move. It might be tempting to shed your coat or clothing after running around and coordinating your movers, but keeping your layers on and yourself safe will save you from getting sick or catching a cold during your move. 

Before moving your things into your new home, you should also check ahead to make sure that your heating and electricity are all on and working as they should go you don’t arrive to a cold, dark house. 

  • Safety Precautions

When heading out on a winter moving process, take some extra safety precautions to protect yourself, your moving crews, and your new and current home from winter weather. This includes having some extra ice scrapes, salt, or a first-aid kit ready to go, as well as floor protectors and mats, and tarps to keep your floors safe. 

  1. Give Fragile Items Extra Care

Things like electronics or antiques can be easily susceptible to the cold or too low temperatures, especially if left exposed for longer periods during a move. This can lead to malfunctions or easy breakage if not packed with an added level of care. Consider taking some extra time to pack them with a little extra care or take them with you directly during your moving journey instead of loading them into your moving truck. 

  • Don’t Rush!

When it comes to winter moving, taking this slow and not rushing yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Don’t try to rush through your move, especially if your moving day falls at a time when conditions are particularly snowy, icy, or wet. Move with safety in mind and take your time in your moving process. 

Now that we’ve equipped you with the best winter moving tips for your relocation, it’s time to choose the right Ohio movers for your relocation. Looking for the right Ohio professional moving company for you? See what RLDMoving & Storage can do for you and your family today. We’ll give you the best service, and pricing, and will give you the best winter moving process possible. 

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