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Don’t waste time on DIY moving containers

Considering a DIY storage container service for your upcoming move?

After weighing the cost of a move you should also be cautious of the service that accompanies a particular moving or storage solution. Although DIY storage containers that are delivered to your driveway can typically cost less than hiring a full service moving company you may be spending more money in the long run when factoring in things like convenience, stress, time, and potential damages to sentimental furniture and other belongings.

One of the main drawbacks to DIY moving is that YOU have to do the moving! In addition to all the aches and pains an untrained person will experience on move day lifting boxes and heavy furniture, there are countless hours consumed packing, loading, planning delivery dates, and unloading that a professional full service moving company can help you avoid.

As an agent for Arpin Van Lines, RLD Relocation and Logistics can plan your move, offer same day packing, loading, and delivery options depending on where you want to go at prices that could be in some cases, only a matter of a few hundred dollars difference when comparing the DIY storage container option to the full service moving option . Our moving professionals come into your home on moving day, cover the walls and floors with protective materials, pack all of your possessions into professional corrugated moving containers, pad wrap all of your furniture, crate fragile items, and meticulously load each one of your belongings with the utmost respect and care as if it were their own.

Once our moving crew loads everything you’ve asked us to take onto the moving truck, we begin delivery plans. If you need storage while in transit we can provide that to you at one of our many agency warehouses throughout the United States. With DIY storage container moving, your service starts and ends with pick up and delivery of the container. With a full service moving and storage company we factor things in like move in date issues,  truck accessibility at destination, unloading and unpacking, dunnage removal, and of course if something happens to your furniture while in transit we take full responsibility for any damages deemed our fault giving you peace of mind.

DIY storage container moving solutions offer one service, it’s the low cost of the container. The actual moving and all the stress of planning a move, packing, and getting moved in and out by specific dates a full service moving company offers, can really make a difference in whether to pinch the penny and attempt to move yourself or spend a few extra dollars and know your move is being handled professionally without issue right from the beginning.

If you’re thinking of moving soon give us a call. We help family after family move year after year. We can move you too.

Donate Stuff Before You Move

Moving is a great opportunity to purge. You probably own many things that you no longer need, have outgrown, or no longer like. Why pay to move them to your new home?

Getting ready to move and moving require planning and organization. There are so many things to think of and do throughout the process. We would like to share an article we found to help you stay organized as you sort through your belongings and decide what you are getting rid of.

Moving.com recently posted “How to Organize Your Stuff for Donation Before You Move“. We hope you find it helpful. RLD Relocation and Logistics is here to help. When you are ready to hire your mover, give us a call!


Moving High Value Items?

Moving.com has an excellent look at how to move those valuables safely and have them arrive in one piece. Check out their article-How to Move Art, Antiques & Valuables Without Damaging Them

If you are unsure about moving your high value items yourself, RLD can help! We offer specialized packing and crating services and of course, we can deliver your items to you new home, safely and securely.

Moving in Poor Weather Conditions

Everyone hopes for a perfect sunny moving day. But what if the weather winds up being severe or just plain old rainy?

We found this helpful article on Realtor.com that provides fabulous tips on how to handle bad weather on moving day. Keep hoping for a clear day but it is best to think ahead and prepare just in case…

We invite you to read Don’t Be Gloomy About Moving in Bad Weather.

Happy Sunny Moving from RLD Relocation and Logistics! We provide for all your moving and storage needs!

Time to Move? Know How Much House You Can Afford

So you know it is time to prepare to move. Maybe you have outgrown your current home. Maybe you want to down-size, or perhaps you have had a job relocation. Whatever the reason, the most important information you need to make to get started with your search is what your budget should be for your new living situation.

Not everyone fits neatly into the simple mortgage calculators that can be found on-line. Many factors go into your unique financial position. RLD Relocation & Logistics found this great article on trulia-How Much House Can You Really Afford?

We hope this helps and brings some clarity to your home search based on your sound budget. And! When you have chosen your home and need help moving, remember to contact RLD Relocation & Logistics for all of your moving and storage needs.  Good luck!

Preparing Your Child to Move Through Books

Moving can be stressful for everyone. Children are no exception.  If you are moving with kids, you might share some books written for children about moving. Reading about moving can help soothe some fears about leaving a home.

Better Homes and Gardens provides a great list of books in their article, Books That Prepare Your Kids for a Move.  We hope that you find the list useful.

And to take some of your stress out of the moving process, be sure to visit our Moving Resources section for tips and tools to make your move easier on you.

Declutter Before You Move

Time to move! Then it is time to declutter! There is no reason for transporting everything you own when you don’t use, need or want some of what you have. Why pay to move items like this?

Moving.com has a great article, 12 Things You Should Definitely Toss Before You Move. Just what you need to help you sort out what you have and how you feel about it.

Good luck with your Pre-move purge! When you are ready to hire trusted movers, call RLD Relocation and Logistics for all of your moving and storage needs.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

It’s spring and everyone knows this is the hottest market season for selling and buying homes. Take advantage of the longer days, warmer temperatures and put your green thumb to work to maximize your curb appeal if you are selling your property. A little can go a long way.

Homes.com provides the article, What To Plant Now To Maximize Your Curb Appeal This Summer. The photos of landscaping and garden beds are gorgeous and surely will inspire you to put those special touches around your front yard. Your house will be showing like the star of the neighborhood!

Good luck selling and when you are ready to move, Contact RLD Relocation & Logistics for all of your moving and storage needs.