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Safety Checklist for After a Move

Just moved into a new home? There is so much to do but safety should come first.

Check out this article on realtor.com that provides a list of things you should check even before you unpack a box. Keep you, your family, pets, and belonging safe in your new home.

Read-Home Safety Checklist: 10 Things to Inspect Right After You Unpack

RLD Relocation and Logistics wish you a safe and happy time settling into your new home!

Renters Advice

Are you moving into a rental?

Maybe it is your first time renting. There are things to consider when you are not an owner of a property. What should you do upon moving in? What are you allowed to change about your new home space?

Trulia put out a great article, Should Renters Change The Locks? 7 Move-In Questions, Answered, that we think you should read.  Great advice for new renters.

Whether you are renting or buying a new home, we are always here to make the move easier and stress free! Call RLD Relocation and Logisitcs to deliver your move.