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The Best Packing Tips & Tricks for Your Move 

When you’re preparing for a move, the most time-consuming part of the process is undoubtedly packing. No matter how much space you’ve got, you’re bound to have plenty of belongings to bring along for the ride from clothing to furniture. Although packing is a big task, it doesn’t need to be a complete pain. With the right tips to guide the way you pack, you can complete the job without feeling absolutely exhausted and stressed. Want to find out the best steps to streamline packing for your next move? Keep reading! 

Declutter first 

It’s pretty self-explanatory – the less you own, the easier it is to pack everything up. Although you can’t simply get rid of things for the sake of getting rid of them and making packing easier, you can certainly purge a realistic amount of items. Your items will fall into one of four categories: donate, sell, toss, or keep. For items in good condition, if you no longer want or need them, donating or selling is the best choice. Your local thrift store will be glad to receive donations! Or if you’d rather sell, you have options, especially with online marketplaces.  

If you’re feeling daunted, that’s okay. Start simple with the things you never use or wear. If you can’t remember the last time you used something (or didn’t remember you even owned it at all), your best bet is probably to let it go. Many people have trouble letting go of items they’re sentimentally attached to, which is completely understandable. Take your time with the decluttering process, and try to do a little bit at a time so it doesn’t become overwhelming. While it’s okay to keep some items because of emotional attachment, make sure you’re not keeping everything for that reason. Remember – you’ll benefit from this clean-out in the long run! 

Organize & label 

Although labeling thoroughly and creating an organizational system may make the packing process become a bit longer, it’s bound to make the unpacking process a walk in the park. Your best bet? Do your future self a favor, and take the extra time now to save time as you unpack at your new home. 

Most importantly, make sure you clearly label each box in large lettering, ideally on more than one side. Although it might be overkill to list everything on the box, try to at least be specific with what type of items are in the box and specify any major items in each box. For instance, a box might say “winter clothes & red blanket” on the outside. You can also give each box a number, and keep an inventory of major items in each box in a document or spreadsheet.  

You can also write the room for each box on the outside, or you can opt for a color coded system. In a color coded system, you would use colored tape or attach a colored piece of paper to your box depending on the room it corresponds with. This way, when you arrive at your new residence, you’ll know exactly where to bring everything without even needing to think about it. 

Pack by room 

Moving experts unanimously agree – packing by room is the most efficient way to go. You don’t need to go in any specific order or start with any room in particular. Typically, it’s advised to simply start in one corner of your house, and move in an orderly line through the rest of the house. Once you bring a box into one room and start filling it, don’t confuse your future unpacking self by placing any items from other rooms inside, even if you have room left in a box. Although it may seem like a better use of space, it’s much easier to simplify by room. 

Packing room-by-room can also be extremely helpful as you pace yourself through the packing process. If you set goals in terms of packing a room or half of a room each day, you’ll be able to move through your house without feeling stressed. Allowing yourself the appropriate amount of time to carefully pack everything in an organized fashion can save you from a major headache. 

Choose materials wisely 

As you set out on your packing journey, you want to enter the task completely prepared. You’ll not only want to use high quality materials, but you’ll want to have plenty of supplies available as well. First, you will need sturdy moving boxes. Although boxes of the same size are ideal for stacking in a moving truck or storage container, having a few bigger and smaller boxes in the mix will be helpful too. For some items, you may want to use smaller boxes inside the bigger boxes to keep small things grouped together. 

Additionally, you will need plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, and permanent markers. You may also want to have moving blankets for furniture and a roll of mover’s plastic wrap for things like mattresses. Having various materials available to you will come in handy to make sure everything is packaged up carefully and can’t move around in transit. 

Repurpose items 

Of course, having bubble wrap or newspaper to protect your items is a smart idea, but you can also repurpose what you already own. Using thick articles of clothing or blankets is a great way to reinforce fragile items during your move. Plus, when you repurpose your items, you’re able to consolidate things that you’d already be packing anyway, thus saving some space. 

As mentioned previously, you may have some empty space in your boxes when you pack by room. You can fill spaces that are left with anything from socks to scarves to stuffed animals or plushies. Even cushions or pillows can be used to keep things carefully in place.  

You can also repurpose your laundry baskets or suitcases to hold items. Understandably, suitcases are the perfect place to pack many of the clothes you’re bringing with you in your move. Laundry baskets can be used in the same way. Rather than putting dirty clothes in there like you normally would, just fold or roll up your clean clothes and put them in. Voila – a new suitcase made from something you needed to bring anyway! 

Keep an essentials bag 

On moving day, you don’t want to spend the evening grouchy, tired, and digging through countless boxes for your toothbrush and pajamas. Do yourself a favor, and keep those items in a bag or very clearly labeled box that you unload into the new house immediately. You’ll want this box to contain the things you’ll need right away – stuff that you consider to be everyday essentials. Basic tools, kitchen and bathroom essentials, and anything else you’d need to use right away are ideal options. 

Also, make sure to keep any necessary medication and a first aid kit handy in this bag or box. A few snacks aren’t a bad idea either! 

Packed and prepared! 

With these six crucial tips, you’re in good shape to transform your moving process from a nightmare to a walk in the park. Although the responsibility can be quite a hassle, being prepared with the best tricks makes a world of difference. And if you’re looking for professional moving and storage solutions? Save yourself the effort of searching, and contact RLD Relocation & Logistics today for a free moving quote! RLD makes moving the way it should be – stress-free and simple.