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Most Popular Cities in Ohio to Move to

Looking to complete a move to Ohio, but not quite sure about which city is right for you? Still on the fence about where in Ohio you and your family should settle down? Don’t worry, we have just the list for you to move to the best place for you.

Best Cities to Move to in Ohio

The Buckeye State is a great state full of various cities and towns that offer their own unique perks, and no matter what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here. Keep reading to discover four of the most popular Ohio cities to move to from a trusted local Ohio moving company!

Shaker Heights

First on our list is Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland located in Cuyahoga County. This town has a population of just under 30,000 residents, and it is consistently ranked among the best places to live in Ohio. It was even voted as the Best Place to Raise a Family in Northeast Ohio Magazine’s 2022 Parent Choice Awards, which speaks to just how great of a place Shaker Heights is.

If you’re looking to relocate here, you will likely need to have a higher budget for housing, but the real estate here is worth the higher price tag. Plus, this is offset by the median household income here, bolstered by the great job market in this area.

Looking to move your family here? You can rest assured that your children will receive an excellent education within the Shaker Heights City School District, which offers the highly coveted International Baccalaureate Program to its students.

There are also many fun activities to do and places to enjoy for families. Shaker Heights has a calendar full of parks and recreation programs for its residents to partake in, so it’s easy for you to find community and enjoy hobbies and activities that pique your interest.


Next up is Oakwood, a suburb of Dayton with a population totaling in at just under 10,000, categorized as a sparse suburban feel for its residents. It ranked third in Niche’s Best Places to Live in Ohio list of 2023, as well as Niche’s list of Best Places to Raise a Family in Ohio.

This town is a safe place to live and has crime rates below the national average, so you can have peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be secure here. This is a priceless aspect of Oakwood.

Additionally, you will find a kind, neighborly community in this town. The people of Oakwood hold countless events to better the town as a whole, from recycling events to perennial sales. The town makes an effort towards sustainability, which is an incredible quality, and when you move here, you’re welcomed by a New Resident Breakfast and other welcoming functions.

Oakwood is truly a neighborly city, as they call it, that invites people from all walks of life to come join the community.

Ottawa Hills

As one of the smaller towns on our list, Ottawa Hills has a population of around 4,800 and sits on either side of the Ottawa River. This town is a great place to relocate for people seeking a family-friendly suburb to settle into. The Ottawa Hills Local School District is highly rated, boasting a student-to-teacher ratio of around 16 to 1.

State test scores also show that 91% of students are at least proficient in math and 92% are at least proficient in reading. Children here can expect to receive excellent academics in Ottawa Hills.

In addition, this town has a calendar full of great events for residents to enjoy. Kids can spend time at cooking clubs, yoga classes, field hockey clinics, art camps, and countless other activities. For the adults, you can discover chess groups, yoga, birding, and workout classes, among other things. It’s difficult to run out of things to do in this town, and you can find many like-minded neighbors who enjoy the same interests as you!


Next, we have Madeira, a suburb of Cincinnati. You can get to the city through a short 12-mile drive on Interstate 71, meaning you can enjoy the perks of the metropolitan area while still living the quiet suburban life.

It ranks as Niche’s #1 Best Place to Live in the Cincinnati Area. Why? First, Madeira is a safe place to reside. It is safer than 85% of cities in the United States, which is a huge selling point for this town. The crime rates here sit well below the national averages.

Next, Madeira calls itself The Friendly Town, thanks to its wonderful sense of community. The city of Madeira is home to three park facilities — Sellman Park, McDonald Commons Park, and Nelle V. Hosbrook Bird Sanctuary. These spots offer soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, trails, and beautiful nature areas to enjoy.

For people who enjoy spending time outdoors, these are the perfect places to spend your day. The city also has many volunteer opportunities so you can play a part in making the community an even better place to live!

Complete your Ohio Move With Your Trusted Akron Movers

These are only four of the great places to move to in Ohio, but there are countless other towns to discover! Ready to relocate to Ohio?

Count on your reliable Akron movers to get you there. RLD Relocation & Logistics is your premier Ohio moving company, and we’re ready to help you make your Ohio relocation a major success! We’ve served the community since 1998 and continue to commit ourselves to provide our customers with the best moving solutions possible. Request a free quote today, and find out what we can do for you!

How to Spot & Avoid a Moving Scam

When you’re completing a relocation, one of the best ways to simplify the process and reduce your stress is to enlist the help of a professional moving company.

These companies can transport your items, provide packing services, or offer secure and reliable storage for your belongings — all useful elements that can transform your moving experience. However, not every moving company can provide you with the helpful services and positive encounters you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, it has become entirely necessary to carefully vet a moving company and assess its quality and legitimacy before working with them. Why? Sadly, many companies who claim to be high-quality, trustworthy movers are actually scammers or what has come to be known as rogue movers.

These scammers are the antithesis of the average moving company that strives to provide their customers with high-quality moving solutions, and instead, they seek to steal money or belongings from unsuspecting individuals who thought they were a reputable moving company. 

How to Spot Moving Scams

The presence of these rogue movers presents the question: “How can I spot and avoid a moving scam?”. The good news is that these fraudulent companies aren’t undetectable by any means, instead presenting various red flags that can alert customers before signing a contract or paying any money.

Curious about the best ways to keep yourself safe from these scammers? Keep reading, and discover seven of the most common warning signs to keep an eye out for!

  • Suspicious Payment Requirements

One of the easiest ways to detect a moving scam is through the ways they ask for payment or how much they ask you to pay upfront.

If they require a cash payment or don’t accept credit cards, this is always a warning sign. This means they will have an easy way to take your money and run, rather than being traceable or allowing you to request a refund through your bank. 

Another common tactic is to ask for a large sum of money upfront before any services are actually provided to you. Most moving companies do not require a deposit at the time of booking, and if they do, a reputable company will usually only request a small fraction of your total cost. A request for cash upfront should always be declined to avoid any potential scams.

  • Incomplete Estimates

When your Ohio movers complete your in-home estimate, you should expect them to assess the items you will be moving through a thorough walk-through of your home.

The mark of a high-quality estimate is that your moving representative will take the time to evaluate everything completely and ask the necessary questions to get a clear picture of your move. Without these elements, the movers can’t possibly grasp your relocation and how much it will tentatively cost. 

If the moving company you’re considering doesn’t thoroughly complete your estimate or even skips the in-person estimate overall, this is a serious red flag and should probably push you away from the company as a whole. There is a lot of value and importance to the in-home estimate, as it’s the only way to gain an understanding of what your move will fully entail.

  • Shockingly Low Estimates

If a moving company provides you with a surprisingly low estimate, it probably seems too good to be true, that’s because it is too good to be true.

Although finding a reasonable price is an important part of the process of searching for movers, an outlandishly low rate is never a positive sign. You should always be suspicious when this happens, and to ensure you have a better understanding of the right price for the job, be sure to request quotes from various companies to gain a thorough picture of the market price.

Oftentimes, companies that provide customers with these low estimates end up pulling bait-and-switch schemes. This involves providing a low quote at first but then demanding a much greater price once your belongings are delivered, claiming that the job was bigger than they anticipated. 

  • Lacks Proper Certifications

Any reputable moving company you would want to work with will have all the proper certifications and licenses to be in business. You should be able to easily find a company’s United States Department of Transportation number online on their website.

You should also check that the company is a licensed mover in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database.

In addition to these forms of authentication, it’s critical to check that the company is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, as this is extremely telling of the quality of the movers’ services.

  • Missing Paperwork

Although this might seem obvious, it’s always crucial to be cognizant of the contract a moving company is providing to you.

Of course, if a company isn’t providing you with any written contract at all, that is a major red flag and should be completely avoided. However, another important warning sign to look out for is incomplete paperwork. Sometimes, these scammers will leave sections of a contract blank, allowing them to take advantage of aspects that aren’t outlined. 

Having a thorough contract that details all aspects of your move is critical to avoiding a moving scam. These contracts can be your saving grace to ensure everything is documented and in writing if there are any disputes with the movers or discrepancies in what was expected by both parties. Take extra care to review your contract thoroughly before signing.

  • Constant Name Changes

If a company has a history of various name changes, this is a major warning sign. Oftentimes, scammers will change their name to avoid being tied to negative reviews or any bad standing with the Better Business Bureau. When they change their name, it makes the company a lot more difficult to trace and prevents customers from gaining a clear understanding of the company’s quality.

If you find name changes in the history of a company you’re interested in working with, use careful judgment to discern if the company is trustworthy, and always err on the side of caution.

  • Unavailable Contact Information

One final warning sign is a lack of physical address or phone number. Every reputable moving company needs a physical location tied to it, providing them a place to house their supplies, meet with customers, and receive customer phone calls, among other tasks. Without this physical location, it can be difficult to trust the credibility of a company.

Additionally, the company should always have a working phone number that is manned by an actual human — not a robot — during business hours. If you’re unable to reach a human at this phone number, don’t proceed with the company, as it could likely be a scam.

Work With an Akron Moving Company You Can Trust

Now that you’re aware of the various risks that exist in the moving industry, you’re better equipped to deal with any potential scams that come your way. 

As you go about your relocation process, if you’re searching for moving companies in Akron, rely on a company you can trust and opt for RLD Relocation & Logistics.

We’ve provided our community and beyond with high-quality, dependable moving solutions since 1998, and we dedicate ourselves to keeping our customers satisfied every time. 

When you need an Akron moving company, we’re the movers for you! Request a free quote today, and find out more about our affordable rates.

The Best Packing Tips & Tricks for Your Move 

When you’re preparing for a move, the most time-consuming part of the process is undoubtedly packing. No matter how much space you’ve got, you’re bound to have plenty of belongings to bring along for the ride from clothing to furniture. Although packing is a big task, it doesn’t need to be a complete pain. With the right tips to guide the way you pack, you can complete the job without feeling absolutely exhausted and stressed. Want to find out the best steps to streamline packing for your next move? Keep reading! 

Declutter first 

It’s pretty self-explanatory – the less you own, the easier it is to pack everything up. Although you can’t simply get rid of things for the sake of getting rid of them and making packing easier, you can certainly purge a realistic amount of items. Your items will fall into one of four categories: donate, sell, toss, or keep. For items in good condition, if you no longer want or need them, donating or selling is the best choice. Your local thrift store will be glad to receive donations! Or if you’d rather sell, you have options, especially with online marketplaces.  

If you’re feeling daunted, that’s okay. Start simple with the things you never use or wear. If you can’t remember the last time you used something (or didn’t remember you even owned it at all), your best bet is probably to let it go. Many people have trouble letting go of items they’re sentimentally attached to, which is completely understandable. Take your time with the decluttering process, and try to do a little bit at a time so it doesn’t become overwhelming. While it’s okay to keep some items because of emotional attachment, make sure you’re not keeping everything for that reason. Remember – you’ll benefit from this clean-out in the long run! 

Organize & label 

Although labeling thoroughly and creating an organizational system may make the packing process become a bit longer, it’s bound to make the unpacking process a walk in the park. Your best bet? Do your future self a favor, and take the extra time now to save time as you unpack at your new home. 

Most importantly, make sure you clearly label each box in large lettering, ideally on more than one side. Although it might be overkill to list everything on the box, try to at least be specific with what type of items are in the box and specify any major items in each box. For instance, a box might say “winter clothes & red blanket” on the outside. You can also give each box a number, and keep an inventory of major items in each box in a document or spreadsheet.  

You can also write the room for each box on the outside, or you can opt for a color coded system. In a color coded system, you would use colored tape or attach a colored piece of paper to your box depending on the room it corresponds with. This way, when you arrive at your new residence, you’ll know exactly where to bring everything without even needing to think about it. 

Pack by room 

Moving experts unanimously agree – packing by room is the most efficient way to go. You don’t need to go in any specific order or start with any room in particular. Typically, it’s advised to simply start in one corner of your house, and move in an orderly line through the rest of the house. Once you bring a box into one room and start filling it, don’t confuse your future unpacking self by placing any items from other rooms inside, even if you have room left in a box. Although it may seem like a better use of space, it’s much easier to simplify by room. 

Packing room-by-room can also be extremely helpful as you pace yourself through the packing process. If you set goals in terms of packing a room or half of a room each day, you’ll be able to move through your house without feeling stressed. Allowing yourself the appropriate amount of time to carefully pack everything in an organized fashion can save you from a major headache. 

Choose materials wisely 

As you set out on your packing journey, you want to enter the task completely prepared. You’ll not only want to use high quality materials, but you’ll want to have plenty of supplies available as well. First, you will need sturdy moving boxes. Although boxes of the same size are ideal for stacking in a moving truck or storage container, having a few bigger and smaller boxes in the mix will be helpful too. For some items, you may want to use smaller boxes inside the bigger boxes to keep small things grouped together. 

Additionally, you will need plenty of packing tape, bubble wrap, and permanent markers. You may also want to have moving blankets for furniture and a roll of mover’s plastic wrap for things like mattresses. Having various materials available to you will come in handy to make sure everything is packaged up carefully and can’t move around in transit. 

Repurpose items 

Of course, having bubble wrap or newspaper to protect your items is a smart idea, but you can also repurpose what you already own. Using thick articles of clothing or blankets is a great way to reinforce fragile items during your move. Plus, when you repurpose your items, you’re able to consolidate things that you’d already be packing anyway, thus saving some space. 

As mentioned previously, you may have some empty space in your boxes when you pack by room. You can fill spaces that are left with anything from socks to scarves to stuffed animals or plushies. Even cushions or pillows can be used to keep things carefully in place.  

You can also repurpose your laundry baskets or suitcases to hold items. Understandably, suitcases are the perfect place to pack many of the clothes you’re bringing with you in your move. Laundry baskets can be used in the same way. Rather than putting dirty clothes in there like you normally would, just fold or roll up your clean clothes and put them in. Voila – a new suitcase made from something you needed to bring anyway! 

Keep an essentials bag 

On moving day, you don’t want to spend the evening grouchy, tired, and digging through countless boxes for your toothbrush and pajamas. Do yourself a favor, and keep those items in a bag or very clearly labeled box that you unload into the new house immediately. You’ll want this box to contain the things you’ll need right away – stuff that you consider to be everyday essentials. Basic tools, kitchen and bathroom essentials, and anything else you’d need to use right away are ideal options. 

Also, make sure to keep any necessary medication and a first aid kit handy in this bag or box. A few snacks aren’t a bad idea either! 

Packed and prepared! 

With these six crucial tips, you’re in good shape to transform your moving process from a nightmare to a walk in the park. Although the responsibility can be quite a hassle, being prepared with the best tricks makes a world of difference. And if you’re looking for professional moving and storage solutions? Save yourself the effort of searching, and contact RLD Relocation & Logistics today for a free moving quote! RLD makes moving the way it should be – stress-free and simple.