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Moving Long Distance By Yourself? 5 Tips for Solo Success

Moving long distance or to a new city by yourself is a huge step for anyone, and can let you take huge strides in really gaining a sense of freedom and independence. It’s truly a fresh start! However, having to plan all of the moving parts and logistics of a move can be really overwhelming to have to do yourself, and can lead to you forming a lot of doubt in your mind. 


Don’t let yourself get intimidated, however – moving by yourself is extremely doable and can be as smooth as moving with others! Even though you have to put in a bit more planning and have some more attention to detail, it’ll all be worth it.


No matter if you’re headed to a nearby city, across the United States, or across the entire world, moving by yourself can be a tricky process no matter what – just like with regular moves! 


However, you’re already ahead of the curve by doing your research and looking into moving companies and for advice and tips on how to move to a new city alone. This kind of planning and forethought will let you focus on your transition and settling into your new area, instead of stressing about your moving process!


How to Move Alone to a New Area

Before we get into our top tips for moving to a new city by yourself, make sure you’ve taken care of one of the most important aspects first: finding the right movers for your process! When you work with ____, you’ll be secure in knowing that you have the best professional moving company on your side, and that you’ll be in for a smooth, efficient, and affordable moving process. 


In addition to having the right moving company, there are several things to do to make sure you’re in the best shape to move to a new city by yourself. 



  • Research Neighborhoods for You


Prior to starting the moving process, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve found the right home that’s in the right neighborhood for you and your lifestyle. 


It can be tough to truly get a feel for the different areas of a city if you’ve never been there before, but try to do as much research as possible into the culture, lifestyle, and people in the area to make sure you’ll fit in. Of course, also make sure this neighborhood also fits into your budget, and that it’s in a doable proximity to attractions and to your job. 



  • Keep Some Backup Savings


Having some extra savings to fall back on in case of unexpected occurrences or expenses is always a good idea during a move, but it’s especially important when heading into a move by yourself. 



  • Plan as Much as You Can


Ahead of the moving process, plan as much as possible to set yourself up for success and avoid any unwelcome surprises. From moving timelines, to renting/buying a home and finding the right neighborhood, but in the work now to relax later!



  • Get Ready to Be Social


Once you’ve reached your new city, you’re probably going to have to make an effort to be more social than you may have ever been prior. To form a new social circle and experience new things, you’re really going to have to make a concerted effort to put yourself out there! Take yourself out of your comfort zone and go to events, social activities, and anything that sounds fun to meet new people and take in your new city’s social scene. 



  • Explore Your New Area
    One of the best parts about moving to a new place by yourself is being able to explore this new area on your own terms. You can see whatever you want, whenever you want! Get out of the house and discover the sights and sounds that your city has to offer. 



No matter where you’re headed next, have the right moving company on your side! Check out ______’s flexible and affordable moving packages to see what we can do for you.  

How to Move Your Car Long-Distance

When coordinating a long-distance move, it can be hard to know how to tackle the transportation of your household goods, whether they can fit into a moving truck or not. This can be an especially tough task to figure out when faced with moving your car. 


If you’re moving over a long distance and weren’t planning on moving your car from point a to point be on your own, trying to figure out how best to transport or ship your car can be confusing to figure out. There are a lot of options out there as far as driving or shipping, and of course, you want to find a way that’s both cost-effective and efficient. If you’re wondering how to move your car across the country without driving it yourself, we’ve got all the answers you’ve been searching for. 


How to Move Your Car Across the Country

If you’re moving long-distance, odds are you’ve already started considering how best to move your regular household items across the country (and hopefully by using RLD Relocation & Logistics’ full-service moving services of course!). 


Once you’ve got the planning out of the way for your household items, however, it’s time to look for ways to ship larger items (if you don’t want to use our car shipping services, that is). So what are some ways to get your car to your new home? What’s the best way to tackle the process? Let’s figure out the best way to move a car across the country. 


Driving Your Car Cross-Country – Road Trip!

Your first consideration when facing a long-distance move for your vehicle is to just drive your car across the country yourself. It’s road trip time! However, there are some benefits and drawbacks to going with this decision, and of course it’s more suited to some than others. Let’s dive in. 


If you’re moving on your own, or just as part of a couple or duo with no pets or other considerations, driving out to your new home could actually be really fun! This is the opportunity for a new experience and is a unique opportunity to take a road trip and see the country while moving to your new home. 


That being said, this option might not be the best for those with children, pets, or other members of the family that maybe require extra care or can’t especially do long road trips (think fish, turtles, etc.).


Having Your Car Shipped

Having your car shipped to your new home allows you to pick a transport date, get an exact timeline, and know your car is being handled by professionals experienced in the field.


This is definitely the most simple approach, and also saves you from subjecting your vehicle to a lot of unneeded and unnecessary wear and tear that can happen during the course of a road trip. Though this option is more expensive, the peace of mind, convenience, and professional nature of this service makes it worth it for many. 


To ship your car, you’re going to need to make sure to choose a transport date that works for you and your schedule and to have all of your license, registration, and insurance information in its most recent state. If you’re moving to another country, you’ll want to research the laws or rules that come with shipping your car overseas. 


Make sure to empty out your vehicle – and we mean it! Not only just valuables, but everything in your car needs to come back to ensure that nothing is misplaced or lost.


Looking for the best, most full-service moving experience possible? Look no further than RLD Relocation & Logistics’ wide variety of moving options, and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff today to learn more about shipping your vehicle, or about your move as a whole.