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When Should I Start Planning My Move?

As you venture on the exciting journey of relocating, you constantly make decisions and juggle a wide array of responsibilities. With so many elements to consider ahead of moving day, most people ask the question, “How far in advance should I begin planning my relocation?” Although there’s no “one size fits all” answer to determine exactly how long each move will take to prepare for sufficiently, making an educated decision based on different factors can help you shape your relocation timeline with precision.

Curious about how long you should spend preparing for your upcoming move? Keep reading for our guide to all things moving prep!


How to Prepare for Moving

To get ready for your upcoming move, it’s important to consider various factors that determine how much time and energy will be needed to plan and prepare. Learn about what to take into account ahead of your moving preparations.

  • Distance: One of the most significant determining factors in a move’s required planning time is the distance. Long distance relocations often demand more time and effort dedicated to logistics, and starting early with these moves can result in a much less stressful, more streamlined experience. At least a couple months of planning will be needed for best results in these moves, whereas local moves will take less time. 
  • Size: The larger your home, the longer your move will take. The more items you have, the longer your move will take. Packing and moving more items simply means a longer timeframe dedicated to your relocation needs. You may also need storage space in these circumstances.
  • Timeframe: The time of year for your move plays a big role in the amount of time needed for your relocation. For moves during the peak season from May to September, booking moving services will be considerably more challenging, so starting preparations well in advance is recommended.


What’s an Ideal Moving Timeline?

Although timelines require tweaking for your unique moving circumstances, the following timeline can provide a solid baseline for you to work from. Tailor the timeline below to your individual needs.

  • 6 Months in Advance


  1. Create a Moving Binder:
    • Start a moving binder or folder to keep track of estimates, receipts, and important documents. This should also contain a schedule, a to-do list, and a budget to make sure everything stays on track and organized as you prepare for your relocation.
  2. Research Moving Companies:
    • Begin researching and gathering quotes from moving companies. As a rule of thumb, you should obtain quotes from at least three movers to ensure you receive the most fair price possible from a reputable company.
    • Check reviews and references. Make sure any company you consider is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and ensure their customer reviews are generally positive. This should play a huge role in your decision-making process.
  3. Purge and Declutter:
    • Start decluttering and organizing your belongings. With less items to pack, you will spend less time packing and unpacking, and you will also end up saving money on any moving services you pay for. 
    • Sell, donate, or discard items you don’t plan to move. Secondhand shops are a great spot for donations, and a yard sale can be an effective way to make some extra cash while selling your unneeded items.

  • 3 Months in Advance


  1. Hire a Moving Company:
    • Finalize your choice of a moving company and book your moving date.
    • Obtain a written contract. Carefully review the contract prior to signing to ensure all agreed-upon aspects are accurately represented in writing, and be sure that all sections of the contract are complete.
  2. Create a Budget:
    • Although starting with a budget is crucial, once you’ve booked moving services, you can move accurately map out what your major expenses will look like. Develop a moving budget that includes all potential expenses.
    • Factor in packing supplies, travel costs, and potential storage fees.
  3. Notify Important Parties:
    • Inform schools, employers, doctors, and relevant service providers about your upcoming move. Giving ample notice will prevent any issues along the way.
    • Request records and transfer prescriptions if needed.

  • 2 Months in Advance


  1. Begin Packing:
    • This part of the process may need to begin earlier depending on the size of your relocation. Be sure to start earlier than you think you need to, as packing can be a very time-consuming process. Splitting the task into manageable chunks can also be a great way to reduce stress along the way.
    • Start by packing non-essential items. Work from room to room in order to prevent items from different rooms getting mixed up into the same boxes.
    • Label boxes with contents and destination rooms. Thorough labeling will enable easier sorting in your new home.
  2. Notify Utility Companies:
    • Schedule disconnection of utilities at your current residence.
    • Arrange for connection at your new residence well in advance to avoid any delays in service. The earlier you schedule, the better.
  3. Update Address:
    • Notify the post office, banks, credit card companies, and subscriptions of your change of address. This will prevent any issues with important correspondence.

  • 4 Weeks in Advance


  1. Confirm Moving Details:
    1. Reconfirm the moving date, logistics, and contact information with your chosen moving company.
  2. Finalize Packing:
    1. Complete packing, labeling boxes clearly.
    2. Pack a suitcase with essentials for the first few days in your new home.

  • 2 Weeks in Advance


  1. Verify Details:
    • Confirm all details with the moving company.
    • Provide your contact number and address at the destination.
  2. Prepare for Moving Day:
    • Disassemble furniture if needed.
    • Ensure you have cash on hand for any unexpected expenses.

  • The Week of Your Move


  1. Double-Check Everything:
    • Confirm the moving day details with the moving company.
    • Double-check your travel arrangements to ensure everything will go according to plan.
  2. Pack Essential Items:
    • Pack a box with essential items such as toiletries, medications, important documents, and valuables. This box will stay with you while you relocate, rather than going into your moving truck.
  3. Set Aside Important Documents:
    • Gather important documents, such as passports, IDs, and moving contracts.

  • Moving Day


  1. Be Present:
    • Be available to answer any questions from the moving crew.
    • Take inventory as your belongings are loaded onto the truck.
  2. Travel Safely:
    • If driving, drive safely to your new location.
    • Keep important documents, valuables, and essentials with you.


Simplify Your Relocation with the Best Canton Movers

With this timeline in mind, you can complete a simplified, stress-free relocation. Interested in working with a moving company that can make the process even easier? Meet RLD Relocation & Logistics, your premier Akron moving company.

For over 25 years, RLD has made streamlining relocations our business, and we have consistently delivered with our highly-rated packing, moving, and storage solutions. With our team of expert moving professionals, relocating has never been simpler. Request a free quote online today or call us at (330) 494-1321, and discover how we can improve your move at an affordable rate!

Business Moving Guide

Moving can be a stressful project, and when you’re planning a move for your business, it might just feel nearly impossible. With so many logistics to coordinate and countless responsibilities to attend to throughout the moving process, you may understandably be daunted by the task.

Curious about the best ways to tackle your upcoming business relocation? Keep reading to discover our 10 step plan!

How to Move a Business

Despite the difficulties involved, a business relocation doesn’t need to resemble a difficult uphill battle. Instead, with the right know-how, completing a business move can be done efficiently and seamlessly, effectively decreasing downtime and upgrading your business to new heights.


  • Establish a Moving Committee

One of the most effective ways to begin the business moving process is to create a committee dedicated to planning your relocation. This can help to ease the burden as you handle the various tasks ahead of moving day, allowing you to delegate to people with assigned roles. Working together as a team will make a huge difference in how smoothly the move goes.

  • Create a Thorough Plan (timeline steps & budget)

For a successful business relocation, planning is a must. Be meticulous as you prepare for your move, as these details will ultimately make the process a lot more manageable in the long run. Create a schedule, a to-do list, and a budget to tackle the move more thoroughly. Understanding what needs to be done far in advance will empower you to stay on track, and having a detailed budget will ensure spending remains within reason. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can ultimately save time and energy in the long run.

  • Notify Stakeholders

Ahead of your relocation, be sure to notify employees, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders about the upcoming move well in advance. To maintain a positive working relationship, clearly communicate the reasons for the move and how it will impact them. Keeping the lines of communication open during this change will create a much better outcome overall.

  • Hire Professional Movers

Business moves can be tricky when it comes to carefully and securely relocating all of your items. No matter if it’s an office space, a retail store, or any number of business formats, there will certainly be a large amount of items to relocate, potentially including fragile equipment and electronics. Working with a professional moving company that has experience orchestrating business moves will allow you to confidently relocate with minimized worries regarding potential damage to your items. Movers have the necessary expertise to take the stress out of transporting your things to your new location.

  • Plan IT Infrastructure

If your business is an office space, planning IT infrastructure will be a crucial aspect of your upcoming relocation. Coordinate with your IT department to plan the relocation of servers, computers, and other technology. Being thorough about this aspect of the process will allow you to decrease downtime and get your office back to full speed as quickly as possible. A detailed IT plan can make a significant difference in the outcome of your move, resulting in streamlined solutions.

  • Pack and Label Items

For any relocation, whether it’s residential or commercial, packing your items in an organized manner and labeling each box thoroughly is an absolute must. Make sure items from the same area are kept in the same boxes, and avoid mixing items from different areas or departments in the same box. As you label, include plenty of detail. You can even opt to create a comprehensive inventory to keep track of each item that gets packed. This will ultimately transform the task of unpacking into a simplified, methodical element of your move.

  • Schedule Utilities and Services

Another important consideration for setting up your new business space is arranging for the transfer of your utilities and services. This step shouldn’t be saved until the end of your to-do list, as you want to ensure everything is scheduled in a timely manner to avoid any unexpected downtime. Schedule the transfer of utilities, internet, phone services, and other essential services to the new location, and confirm everything is set up and functional before the move.

  • Coordinate with Employees

As moving day quickly approaches, keep employees informed throughout the process and provide them with the necessary information every step of the way. Maintaining open communication will not only strengthen the relationships within the company but keep everyone on the same page and yield better results. Consider organizing a welcome event or team-building activity at the new location, as this can be a great way to familiarize everyone with the new space.

  • Conduct a Walkthrough

Before officially moving in, conduct a walkthrough of the new space to identify any issues that need to be addressed. Take note of anything that looks off or needs repairs. This will be important to document, as it allows you to take inventory of any potential issues and remedy them before you’re fully moved in.

  • Set Up the New Space

Now for the most exciting part of the process: settling into the new space and setting everything up. Prior to actually setting up your business, plan the layout of the new space to maximize efficiency and productivity. Going in without a plan can ultimately be more stressful and require much more time and energy. Instead, have at least a rough idea of how your new set-up will look. Once you have a solid idea, it’s time to install furniture, set up workstations, and ensure everything is ready for business operations.


Simplified Business Moving Solutions

With these 10 steps, relocating your business doesn’t need to feel like a struggle; instead, you can focus on the exciting new opportunity ahead of you. Are you searching for the ideal moving company to help you accomplish this goal? Count on RLD Relocation & Logistics, Akron’s premier moving company.

Since 1998, we have served Northeast Ohio and beyond, providing both residential and commercial moving, packing, and storage solutions. Over the years, we have proven our dependability within the community and become a staple of relocation services. Request a free quote online today or call us at (234) 334-7777, and discover our competitive rates! 

How to Move a Car Long-Distance

When you have a long-distance relocation on the horizon, there are countless aspects for you to plan and prepare. One of the many elements to consider is how you will transport your car for your long-distance move.

Fortunately, moving your car doesn’t need to feel like a daunting part of the relocation experience. In fact, with the right knowledge about how to approach this task, you can figure it out seamlessly. Interested in discovering how? Keep reading!


6 Steps for Long-Distance Car Moving

Moving a car across long distances requires extensive planning, careful consideration, and strategic execution. When you’re completing a long-distance move to a different state, these six essential steps will guide you through the process of long-distance car moving, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. 

  • Consider Your Options: The first step in moving your car long-distance is to evaluate your transportation options. Consider factors such as time constraints, convenience, and the overall condition of your vehicle.

Here are a few options to weigh:

  • Driving Yourself: If time and flexibility are not issues, driving your car to the destination might be a viable option. This allows you to have control over the journey, make stops along the way, and even enjoy the road trip experience.
  • Professional Auto Transport: Opting for a professional auto transport service is a popular choice for long-distance moves. Carriers are equipped to handle the logistics of moving your vehicle, providing a convenient and efficient solution. This option is particularly beneficial for those who want to avoid putting additional mileage on their cars.
  • Alternative Transport Methods: Explore alternative methods such as shipping your car by train or using a car shipping container. These options may have specific advantages depending on your circumstances, such as reduced wear and tear or cost savings.

Consider your preferences, budget, and the specific needs of your car to make an informed decision that aligns with your unique situation.

  • Factor in the Cost: Moving a car long-distance involves various costs, and understanding them is crucial for effective budgeting. If you choose to drive the car yourself, consider expenses such as fuel, accommodations, meals, and potential vehicle maintenance.

On the other hand, if you opt for a professional auto transport service, factor in the following:

  • Transportation Fees: Obtain quotes from different moving companies to compare transportation costs. Prices can vary based on the distance, type of transport (open or enclosed), and the specific services offered.
  • Additional Fees: Inquire about any additional fees, such as insurance, fuel surcharges, or expedited shipping fees. Understanding the full cost breakdown ensures that you are financially prepared for the entire moving process.
  • Insurance Coverage: Confirm the insurance coverage provided by the moving company. If necessary, consider purchasing additional insurance to protect your vehicle during transit.

Creating a comprehensive budget that considers all potential expenses will help you make an informed decision and avoid any financial surprises during the move.


  • Research Moving Companies: Once you’ve decided on the preferred method of transportation, the next step is to research and select a reliable moving company. The market is saturated with various auto transport services, so it’s essential to choose a reputable company that aligns with your needs.

Consider the following factors during your research:

  • Reputation: Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers. A reputable moving company should have positive feedback regarding their reliability, professionalism, and overall service quality.
  • Licensing and Insurance: Verify that the moving company is properly licensed and insured. This ensures that they adhere to industry regulations and provide a level of protection for your vehicle.
  • Experience: Choose a company with experience in long-distance car moving. An experienced mover is more likely to handle the complexities of transportation efficiently and address any potential challenges that may arise.
  • Services Offered: Understand the range of services offered by each company. Some may provide door-to-door delivery, while others may require you to pick up your vehicle at a designated location. Choose a company whose services align with your preferences and requirements.

By conducting thorough research, you can confidently select a moving company that prioritizes the safety and timely delivery of your vehicle.

  • Book a Reliable Mover: Once you have identified a reliable moving company that meets your criteria, it’s time to book their services. Long-distance moves often require careful scheduling, so it’s advisable to secure your preferred dates well in advance.

Follow these steps when booking a mover:

  • Get a Written Estimate: Request a detailed, written estimate from the moving company. This should include all relevant costs and any conditions associated with the move.
  • Confirm Dates and Logistics: Clearly communicate and confirm the pick-up and delivery dates with the moving company. Discuss any specific requirements or considerations related to the move.
  • Review the Contract: Carefully review the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. Ensure that you understand all aspects of the agreement, including liability, insurance coverage, and potential fees.
  • Understand the Timeline: Long-distance moves come with a specific timeline that involves planning and coordination. Once you’ve booked a reliable mover, work closely with them to understand the estimated timeline for your car’s delivery. Consider the following aspects:
  • Transit Time: Inquire about the estimated transit time for your specific route. Understand that unforeseen circumstances such as weather, road conditions, or delays at checkpoints can impact the overall timeline.
  • Pick-Up and Delivery Windows: Clarify the pick-up and delivery windows provided by the moving company. This information is crucial for ensuring that you or a designated representative is available when the car is loaded and unloaded.
  • Communication: Maintain open communication with the moving company throughout the process. Stay informed about the progress of your vehicle and address any concerns or changes in the plan promptly.

Being proactive in understanding the timeline allows you to plan your own schedule effectively, ensuring that you are present for the arrival of your car at the destination.

  • Prep Your Car for Moving Day: The final step before your car embarks on its long-distance journey is to prepare it for moving day.

Taking these proactive measures ensures the safety of your vehicle and contributes to a smoother overall experience:

  • Clean Your Vehicle: Give your car a thorough cleaning, both inside and out, before the move. This makes it easier to inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damage and ensures a clean and organized interior upon arrival.
  • Remove Personal Belongings: Clear out any personal belongings from your car. Most moving companies require vehicles to be empty during transport, and removing personal items helps prevent damage and ensures compliance with company policies.
  • Document Existing Damage: Take detailed photographs of your car from various angles, documenting any existing damage. This serves as a visual record in case any issues arise during transport and helps facilitate insurance claims, if necessary.
  • Check Fuel and Mechanical Condition: Ensure that your car has an adequate amount of fuel for loading and unloading. Additionally, address any mechanical issues before moving day to prevent complications during transit.
  • Provide Keys and Necessary Documents: Hand over the keys to the moving company and provide any required documents, such as the vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Clear communication and cooperation make the loading process more efficient.


Transport Your Car With Ease

With our comprehensive guide, moving your car can be a straightforward process. Looking for assistance for your upcoming relocation with trustworthy, highly-rated moving services? Depend on RLD Relocation & Logistics, your trusted Ohio movers.

Since 1998, RLD has provided countless customers with simplified, streamlined moving solutions that take the worries out of relocating. Moving, packing, and storage can all be accomplished efficiently with the team at RLD on your side. Request a quote online today or call us at (234) 334-7777!

How RLD Makes Seasonal Storage Easy

For various reasons, people seek seasonal storage options for their belongings. Seasonal storage offers assistance when you need short-term, non-permanent solutions for your items. Fortunately, when you need storage options that you can count on time and time again, RLD Relocation & Logistics has got you covered. Our secure storage facility, located centrally in Northeast Ohio, provides countless satisfied customers with the solutions they need to fulfill their storage goals. Looking for a company that can offer reliable seasonal storage? Find out why storage with RLD is the perfect answer!


Why RLD Has the Ideal Canton Storage Solutions for You

As you search for a moving company to provide you with reliable storage options, you might be wondering why RLD is the right fit for your seasonal storage goals. Allow us to walk you through the many reasons why RLD has exactly what you need and much more!


  • Wide Array of Storage Options

At RLD Relocation & Logistics, you can trust that our team will accommodate your needs depending on what best suits your storage goals. We offer storage-in-transit, as well as permanent and non-temporary storage—an array of flexible options that empower you to access the ideal storage solutions for you.

These options allow us to tailor your storage experience to exactly what you’re looking for, rather than forcing you to fit into a particular format. With our solutions, you can trust that your expectations will be met and exceeded.

  • Climate-Controlled Facility

While your items are in storage, it’s important to make sure the environment maintains the correct temperature and humidity levels to prevent damage. Without the proper considerations, your items could sustain wear and tear just from sitting in these conditions. Fortunately, at RLD, our clean, climate-controlled facility empowers you to have no worries about the condition of your belongings while in storage. We make sure to maintain the right environment for the safe storing of your items.  

  • 24/7/365 Security

Through the storage options with RLD Relocation & Logistics, you never need to worry about the security of your belongings. All of our units are protected by a 24/7 monitoring system so we can guarantee the safety of your belongings. Our warehouse has burglar alarms (as well as fire alarms and a full sprinkler system) to ensure your items are stored with safety as a top priority. No need to worry while your items are stored in an RLD unit—your belongings will remain protected for the duration of their stay in our facility!

  • Plenty of Space

No matter how much space you’re searching for, we have plenty available for you. Our spacious units provide ample opportunity to hold your belongings with ease, accommodating an array of items. We provide our customers with customized vaults to accommodate their storage goals, allowing us to offer precisely what you need. Looking for help determining how much space you’ll need for your belongings? Our storage experts can assess your requirements through an in-home estimate, accurately gauging what you’ll need for your belongings.


  • Competitive Pricing

When you count on RLD for your seasonal storage needs, you can expect to receive high quality solutions at reasonable rates. Our seasonal storage prices allow you to access convenient options without breaking the bank—a huge perk of working with us. Our team believes in delivering professional, efficient, worry-free moving at a cost-effective rate, and we aim to deliver that through all of our services.


Trust RLD for Your Seasonal Storage Needs

When it comes to seasonal storage, RLD Relocation & Logistics is second to none. We provide the highest quality storage units in a secure, conveniently located facility so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. No matter how long you need to store your items, you can trust that our warehouse will keep your belongings protected and in great condition. 

With RLD on your side, storage can feel like a breeze. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and we have consistently maintained a commitment to excellence through each and every service we provide. Our team works diligently to provide services that make your life easier. Interested in experiencing moving, packing, and storage the RLD way? Request a quote online or call us today at (234) 334-7777!

Winter Moving: Everything You Need to Know

Gearing up for a move this winter? If you’re in the midst of preparing for a winter relocation and feeling unsure of the best approach, there’s no need to worry—we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know for your move!

Although the conditions and circumstances during the winter might feel like cause for concern, you can effectively handle these details and be prepared for whatever comes your way, as long as you have the proper know-how. Fortunately, winter moves can be manageable and seamless. Interested in finding out how? Keep reading…


How to Handle Your Winter Move

Although winter moves might seem daunting, you can handle your upcoming relocation with ease when you’re prepared with the proper knowledge. In nine simple steps, you can feel fully prepared for your move. Discover more below!

  • Plan Ahead, but Remain Flexible

One of the biggest keys to success during a winter move is to remain flexible and open to adjusting your plans as needed. While it’s crucial to plan ahead for any relocation, it’s also important to expect the unexpected. With winter relocations, there’s always a risk of issues due to inclement weather, ultimately causing delays and potential hiccups in your plans. You may need to adjust according to the conditions, so keep this in mind to avoid getting stressed out by these issues on or around moving day.

  • Be Mindful of the Weather

During the winter, snow and ice can prevent significant issues on moving day. As the day approaches, stay on the lookout for the weather forecast. Whether it’s snow or rain, these conditions can result in dangerous, icy weather that isn’t ideal for moving. If possible, you can make the decision to move with the necessary precautions, but you may also find that it’s best to reschedule accordingly to avoid any major problems. Staying aware of the forecast and any changes to these predictions is crucial. 

  • Work with Professional Movers

To ensure the best results possible, working with professional movers is the ideal choice. When you work with the experts, you can count on them to have the proper know-how to handle inclement weather. Thanks to their professional moving equipment, they can more adeptly facilitate your relocation and ensure ideal results. These measures can go a long way in improving the circumstances of your winter relocation, guaranteeing a smooth process.

  • Pack Your Items With Care

As with any move, packing your belongings carefully is a necessary part of the process. Prioritize packing your items in a way that keeps them safe and secure while in transit. Use ample amounts of padding materials, such as bubble wrap or packing paper, and nestle your items carefully within their boxes in a way that minimizes the amount of movement possible. Taking these precautions will greatly reduce the risk of damage throughout the relocation.

  • Double-Check Utilities

The last thing you want on moving day is to arrive at a freezing cold house. To avoid any issues with your utilities, make sure you confirm all utility transfers or activations prior to moving day. Ideally, you should schedule these services in advance and check in again with your providers about a week or so before the move. This will prevent any unforeseen issues from impacting the success of your relocation.

  • Clear (and Prep) All Walkways

If you’re dealing with snowy weather on moving day, take the necessary precautions to avoid tracking in too much snow or working in unsafe conditions. Make sure you have a clear, direct route from the moving truck to the entrance of your home. Shovel this pathway, and treat it with salt to avoid slipping on ice. These measures will allow you to move safely and to ensure better results on moving day.

  • Protect Your Flooring

To make sure no damage happens to your flooring, use the appropriate protective measures to keep your floors safe and sound from any snow or slush. Set a floor mat at the entryway to offer a place to wipe your feet, and place plastic tarps wherever people will be walking to keep your home clean. Large pieces of cardboard can also be helpful to provide a pathway within your home.

  • Prepare Your Car for Travel

When you’re traveling for a winter relocation, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure your car is ready for winter weather conditions. Especially if you have a long drive ahead of you, take your car to the shop prior to the journey and confirm that everything is in working order before the big day. Prepare with winter tires, antifreeze, and a full tank of gas on moving day.

  • Bundle Up

Last but certainly not least, bundle up! Wearing the appropriate clothing on moving day is crucial to stay comfortable and safe. It’s also in your best interest to wear shoes or boots with sufficient traction to avoid any falls when you’re dealing with snow, rain, or ice. Keep yourself warm and dry with the right clothing for the best results as you tackle your winter move.


Complete Your Winter Move with the Best Ohio Movers!

With these steps, you can complete your move successfully. Looking for a moving company to help you get the job done right? Count on RLD Relocation & Logistics for all of your moving needs. We have served the greater Akron area and beyond for over 25 years, and our top priority is providing our customers with the highest quality moving, packing, and storage solutions.

With RLD, you can trust that your relocation will be completed seamlessly when you rely on us. Interested in discovering more about our affordable rates? Request a free quote online or give us a call at (234) 334-7777

How to Donate Furniture Before Moving

As you prepare for a relocation, there are plenty of items that end up getting decluttered. Of these items, you’re likely to end up with some furniture that won’t make the cut to come to your new home. What should you do with these pieces of furniture? Donating your furniture is the best solution: a convenient option that gives new life to your old pieces.

Fortunately, donating furniture items is a lot easier than you might think. Curious about how to approach this process? Keep reading, and discover how to donate your furniture before moving!


Your Guide to Donating Furniture

If you’re looking for the best approach to donating your furniture, never fear—the process is simple and straightforward. In just seven simple steps, you can effectively clear space and give your old furniture a new home!


  • Decide What to Declutter

The first step of the process is deciding what you’re willing to part with. You may find that you no longer like an item or that it doesn’t fit in your new space. Perhaps certain furniture items don’t match the style in your new home. Whatever the case may be, you’re likely to have things that aren’t worth bringing along with you as you relocate. Before you do anything else, sort through these items and make a list of what you want to declutter prior to your relocation.


  • Clean & Repair

Before you bring your furniture to a donation location, you need to make sure your items are in the best condition possible. Clean the furniture as much as you can to prepare the items for the next owner properly. For items with fabric, such as couches, this may mean steam cleaning the pieces; for other items without fabric, you may just be able to wipe down the surface thoroughly. In the same vein, repair any minor damages to maximize the quality of the item. The better the condition, the more likely a donation center will be to take it.


  • Research Local Charities

Once your items are fully prepared to be donated, it’s time to research local charities that accept furniture donations. On a national level, you can opt for the most well-known options, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. However, you may have charities local to your area that accept these types of donations as well. Schools, shelters, and local community centers are also great candidates to consider as you search for places to bring your furniture items. These charities and organizations offer excellent missions that allow you to feel good about giving your items a new home.


  • Contact Organization

Found the organization you want to donate to? Now it’s time to reach out and acquire more information about the requirements for furniture donations. Inquire about any specifics that you should know prior to donating, and find out if all the items you want to donate are eligible. Additionally, you can discover more information about whether or not they provide pickup options.


  • Schedule Pickup If Necessary

If the organization you’re moving forward with provides pickup services, decide whether you need them for your items. If so, schedule a pickup date and time for the organization to get your furniture donations. This service can provide added convenience, simplifying the donation process—a huge benefit during your relocation. Plus, if you’re donating numerous large items, it will be much easier to have their crew transport them for you.


  • Prepare for Donation

On donation day, make sure your items are easily accessible for pickup so the crew can quickly grab your belongings. This may involve disassembling larger items, removing any obstacles, and clearing a path for them. If you’re dropping off the items yourself, you will still need to prepare the items. Disassemble items as necessary and make sure to load the items into your vehicle carefully to avoid any damage in transit. 


  • File Tax Deduction

Don’t forget about your tax deduction! If you’re donating to a qualified nonprofit organization, ask for a receipt. Many donations are tax-deductible, and you can use the receipt when filing your taxes. Completing this step isn’t necessary, but it’s a great option that can offer a small break on your taxes.


Prepare for Your Upcoming Move With the Best Ohio Movers

In just a few simple steps, you can declutter unwanted furniture before your move and empower someone else to enjoy these pieces—an eco-friendly, charitable approach to removing old furniture items. Now that you’ve donated your furniture, are you looking for a moving company to help you complete your relocation? When you need reliable movers, count on none other than RLD Relocation & Logistics. Since 1998, we have provided top-tier moving, storage, and packing solutions to simplify your relocation. Our services are designed with customers in mind, allowing you to experience a stress-free move. 

Request a free quote online today or call us at (234) 334-7777, and discover more about our expert services at competitive prices!  

How to Find the Best North Canton Office Movers

When you’re preparing to move to a new office space, this can be a stressful process to coordinate. With so many aspects to consider, you’re undoubtedly concerned about the best way to handle this considerable change while minimizing downtime. As you plan for your North Canton commercial relocation, you might be wondering how to find a moving company that can simplify the process.

Want to find out how to find the best North Canton office movers for your upcoming relocation? Discover how with our seven simple steps!


7 Steps to Book the Right Office Movers

Finding the perfect moving company for your office relocation doesn’t need to be a complex task. In fact, you can discover your ideal movers through a straightforward process. Keep reading to find out how!

  • Assess Your Goals & Needs

Before you begin the search for office movers in the North Canton area, it’s crucial to understand what you aim to achieve through these moving solutions. Are you searching for a company to simply move your office items from point A to point B? Or do you want a more full-service approach? If you’re looking for movers who can also provide packing or storage services, this is another element to consider during your search.

  • Ask for Recommendations

Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for, it’s time to start your search for your perfect movers. The most effective way to begin this search is to ask for recommendations of trusted commercial movers in the area. Ask other businesses which movers they relied on during their relocations and what their experience looked like. Would they utilize this company’s services again? How would they rate them? This can be helpful in gauging the quality of a moving company’s solutions and how reliable they are.

  • Do Your Research

Along with asking for recommendations, it’s vital to complete research regarding options for commercial movers. Look online to read reviews for any moving companies you consider, and ensure the general consensus on the company is positive. In addition to reading reviews, you should also look into the movers’ credentials to make sure they have the necessary licensing and certifications. All Ohio movers should be registered with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, and on a national level, they should be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Verifying a moving company’s licensing is necessary to ensure you receive high-quality services.

  • Request Multiple Quotes

Once you’ve found a few options for potential movers, it’s time to request estimates from the candidates. Ideally, you should receive quotes from at least three companies to find the right company for you. This will allow you to gain a stronger understanding of a rate that is fair for your needs, and it will also let you determine which company offers services that most closely align with your needs. As a rule of thumb, be sure to steer clear of any movers that offer unfairly high or suspiciously low estimates.

  • Ask the Necessary Questions

As you consider the right movers for your upcoming commercial relocation, be sure to ask the right questions to the company’s staff. You might want to ask these questions during your in-office estimate to make sure all of your curiosities are properly addressed. 

  • What is your prior experience with office moves?
  • How do you calculate pricing?
  • Do you offer insurance?
  • How will you handle valuable office equipment?
  • What will the timeline for the move look like?
  • What precautions do you take to protect office items during the move?


  • Compare Your Options

After receiving written estimates from potential movers and asking any necessary questions, you’re ready to weigh your options for your office movers. Consider the specific services each mover offers and if these solutions are worth the price point they’ve offered. As you think about which mover is right for you, make sure you find the option that most closely meets your goals and requirements. 

  • Review Your Contract

Last but not least, after you move forward with the right moving company for your needs, it’s time to review your contract. Make sure your contract contains all the agreed-upon elements you discussed with your commercial moving agent, and clarify any aspects that you have questions about. Your contract should completely encompass all details of your move and shouldn’t contain any blank sections. 


Commercial Moving Made Simple

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Ohio Moving Guide

Preparing for an Ohio relocation? If you’re searching for a guide that can walk you through each step of your move with ease, you’ve come to the right place. Although moving can feel like a daunting process, all it takes is the proper knowledge in order to get the job done without a hitch.

When you need a step-by-step guide to completing your Ohio move, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Keep reading, and discover everything you need in our comprehensive relocation guide!


Your Ultimate Ohio Moving Checklist

As you prepare for your Ohio move, completing each necessary step in the process is crucial. With our moving checklist, you can make sure you don’t miss any of the tasks required for your relocation. Learn from our ten step list below…

  • Allow Plenty of Time

When you’re preparing for a move, not giving yourself enough time is one of the worst things you can do. Rather than waiting until the last minute and rushing through the process haphazardly, save yourself the stress and disorganization, and opt to start moving prep in advance. The more time you have to calmly handle each aspect of your move, the better. This will allow you to complete everything with plenty of time and organization.

  • Create a Thorough Plan

Want to complete a move that feels organized and stress-free? Creating a plan is the most effective way to get there. Along with starting in advance, planning the many aspects of your relocation can absolutely transform your move and prevent you from forgetting any important tasks. Create a to-do list or a schedule that lists everything you need to get done prior to moving day. Prioritize your tasks chronologically to ensure the items that need to be finished first are completed in a timely manner. Additionally, another part of your plan should be a budget. Crafting a budget for your Ohio relocation will let you more accurately anticipate the costs you will need to allot to the different parts of your move.

  • Find a Reputable Moving Company

Finding a reliable moving company is one of the most effective ways to make your move easier. Movers can transform your relocation experience by providing high-quality solutions that streamline moving, packing, and storage. By relying on the help of experts, you can guarantee that your move will feel a lot easier to manage, as your movers will alleviate some of the burden from your shoulders.  

  • Clean and Declutter

Prior to your Ohio move, it’s crucial to clean and declutter your home. Decluttering involves sorting through the contents of your space and getting rid of the items that you no longer want or need. This allows you to have a tidier space with more room for the items you actually use and less items that take up space unnecessarily. Determine which items you can repurpose by donating or selling, and then decide which of your decluttered items need to be trashed. Struggling to do this task? Get some momentum going by starting in places you know you’ll declutter a lot from, such as the back of a closet that no one ever uses.

  • Get Plenty of Supplies

To sufficiently pack your items with the right amount of protection, make sure you acquire plenty of supplies before you begin the packing process. You should get boxes (with some size variety), packing tape, resealable plastic bags, permanent markers, bubble wrap, moving blankets, and anything else that you need for your specific items. By stocking up on what you need, you can streamline your packing experience and reduce the risk of your items sustaining damage in transit.

  • Be Organized When Packing

While packing, be sure to prioritize organization throughout the entire process. As you packing in an organized fashion, you’ll find it much easier to group your items with like items from the same room, saving you lots of time and energy when you unpack. Additionally, staying organized when you pack typically results in a much more orderly result, allowing your belongings to be packed more securely. This makes for a much less overwhelming experience upon arriving at your new home.

  • Label or Inventory

Labeling is everything as you pack your boxes for a move. By thoroughly labeling your boxes, you can make the process of unpacking feel infinitely easier, as you won’t need to dig through boxes to find what you’re looking for. Your labels should be clearly written on more than one side of the box and should contain plenty of detail about the contents. Avoid simply writing the name of the room the boxes belong in, and instead opt to write specific items or categories so you can easily locate your belongings. Another alternative is to create an inventory list. In this case, you would label the boxes with numbers and keep a running list of the items that correspond with each number. 

  • Update Your Address

To prevent any important mail being missed when you relocate, handle address changes far in advance for the best results. Update your address with the post office, your medical providers, your insurance provider, your bank, your credit card company, your employer, the DMV, and any subscription services you may have—among many other important parties. Be thorough and go through all the parties you receive important correspondence from to ensure you don’t experience any issues with communication moving forward.

  • Confirm Utility Changes

In addition to updating your address, it’s important to make sure you have your utilities transferred or set up. If you’re moving locally, you may be able to transfer your services to your new address with the same provider. However, with long distance moves, you will need to schedule termination dates at your old home and activation dates at your new home. Make sure you book this with plenty of time to spare so you don’t experience any scheduling difficulties. Additionally, confirm these dates about a week before your relocation to make sure everyone is on the same page for moving day.

  • Explore Your New Neighborhood

Finally, you’re moved into your new Ohio home! This is an exciting time, so allow yourself the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of unpacking and get out in your new neighborhood. Explore the local spots near you, and find out which restaurants, parks, stores, and more are your favorites. Embrace all of the wonderful aspects that your Ohio town has to offer.


Prepare for Your Ohio Move!

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Benefits of Moving Off-Season

Each year as the warmer months roll around, large numbers of people rush to complete a summer move. April through September is the peak moving season, and it is the busiest time of year for individuals and families who are relocating.

Despite the onslaught of relocations that occur during this timeframe, the truth is that the best time to move may actually be during the off-season. How could this be? With so many people opting for a summer relocation, many perks become accessible during the slower, less hectic off-season.

Considering planning your move during the cooler time of year? Discover five compelling reasons why this may be the best choice for your relocation! 


Why Should I Move During the Off-Season?

You’re probably wondering why the off-season might be the best time of year for a relocation, as opposed to the much popular peak time. Allow us to share five simple reasons to schedule your relocation between September and April…

  • Lower Rates

One of the biggest reasons people wisely opt to move during the off-season is the possibility of obtaining a lower price for your relocation services. Because moving companies experience much less demand between September and April, they frequently offer deals during this time of year. Having your off-season move incentivized by excellent savings is a great reason to move in fall or winter.

Especially because relocating can be an expensive process, saving money on your moving, packing, or storage services can go a long way in alleviating some of the financial burden from your shoulders.

  • Flexible Scheduling

With a less busy time of year comes much greater availability for any moving services you want to book. As these movers have fewer bookings for their services in autumn and winter, you can anticipate having a much easier time scheduling the solutions you need, exactly when you need them.

During the summer months, people often need to adjust their plans depending on when bookings are available, making the process a lot less convenient. Choose off-season moving solutions so they can be fully tailored to what you’re looking for. Plus, these flexible options mean you don’t need to schedule as far in advance to get the days you’re looking for—an ideal solution if you’re in a bit of a time crunch.

  • Better Weather Conditions

Depending on where you live, fall and winter may actually provide better weather conditions for orchestrating a move. Summer brings heat and humidity, putting yourself and movers at risk of heat exhaustion and a much more strenuous moving experience. Additionally, in many regions, tropical storms pose a threat at this time of year.

Rather than dealing with this muggy weather, fall and winter can bring a reprieve with cooler temperatures—a much better fit for moving heavy boxes out of your old home and into the new one. Of course, you will need to be mindful about winter weather, especially if your region is prone to heavy snowfall, but for many people, this time of year can bring much better conditions for completing a move. 

  • Improved Real Estate Market

Because so many people choose to complete their moves between April and September, the summer months can be especially competitive and fast-paced within the real estate market.

To avoid the inflated prices during this time of year, an off-season relocation can be the perfect trick. By choosing your timing carefully in this way, you can experience yet another financial perk, accessing incredible savings for your upcoming move.

  • Quicker Results

Last but not least, moving during the off-season can result in a quicker moving process. Why? When you move during the peak season for relocations, you are much more likely to encounter longer wait times for your belongings to arrive.

As you work with a moving company, long-distance moves will end up taking a lot more time to be completed as your items are transported to your new location. This is because there are so many other people getting their belongings transported as well. During the off-season, you can avoid any delays in your timeframe and experience streamlined solutions.


Tackle Your Off-Season Relocation with the Best Ohio Movers

With so many perks to experience, what’s stopping you from scheduling your move during the off-season? These benefits can greatly improve your relocation and result in an efficient, stress-free move. If you’re searching for a reliable moving company in Akron, Ohio, to work with you for your upcoming relocation, count on RLD Relocation & Logistics, your premier Northeast Ohio movers. 

We have served the local community and beyond for over 25 years, and our top priority is always providing our customers with efficient, tailored solutions at competitive prices. With RLD, you can rest assured that your move will be handled with care and expertise at every turn.

Our team can provide a full menu of services, including moving, packing, and storage, to orchestrate your most organized, worry-free move ever. Interested in discovering what RLD can do for you ahead of your big relocation? Request a free quote online via our form, or give us a call at (234) 334-7777. We look forward to assisting you!

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Ohio

Are you considering a move to Ohio? Before planning your relocation to the Buckeye State, you’re probably wondering what you need to know. No matter where you’re coming from—whether you’re native to the Midwest or completely new to the region—it’s important to do your research first to decide if this is the right place for you.

If the choice was up to us, we’d say Ohio is the winning destination for your big move, but allow us to tell you more about this wonderful state so you can discover how great it is for yourself. Interested in learning more? Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about moving to Ohio…


Ohio Geography & Climate

Before any relocation, it’s important to find out what to expect from the climate. In the Buckeye State, you can anticipate four distinct seasons, as this region brings icy cold winters and hot, humid summers.

Precipitation is pretty consistent year-round, and you can definitely expect snowfall starting around mid-November. On average, Ohio winters bring about 28 inches of snow. However, the beauty of living in Ohio is that you get to experience a wide range of weather conditions thanks to the variations by season.

Another aspect to consider before your move to Ohio is the geography. For the most part, this state consists of plains, as the land is fairly flat throughout. One major staple of Ohio’s geography is the presence of lakes and rivers in and bordering the state. Lake Erie borders on the north, and the Ohio River borders to the south. Other significant bodies of water in the state include the Great Miami River, the Cuyahoga River, and the Maumee River. 


Cost of Living in Ohio

Another crucial consideration before relocating is the cost of living in your destination. Determining whether an area is a good financial fit is important before you make the final decision on your move.

Luckily, the cost of living in Ohio sits around 11% under the national average, making it a great option for many. Housing costs in Ohio are one of the most illustrious perks, as this category sits a whopping 27% below the national average. Because Ohio is considerably more affordable than other parts of the United States, it offers the perfect financial option for people with a wide variety of budgets.


Ohio Education & Careers

Want to make sure your children get the best education possible? Pursuing higher education for yourself? Whatever your circumstances are, Ohio can provide educational offerings that are of the highest caliber for your entire family. With 765 public school districts throughout the entire state, there are an array of highly ranked schools to choose from. Throughout the state, you can find a selection of K-12 schools to suit your children’s needs and provide a high quality education.


Additionally, there are a variety of top rated colleges and universities in the Buckeye State. Just to name a few, you can choose from Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, Kent State University, and more. These universities cater to a multitude of majors and fields of study.


For those seeking career options in Ohio, the state’s economy is largely bolstered by manufacturing, healthcare, education, and agriculture, among other strong industries. Spanning from a variety of different sectors, some of the largest employers in the state include Procter & Gamble, Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, Cleveland Clinic, and Sherwin-Williams. Finding a career in Ohio can be incredibly fruitful because of these excellent employers.


Things to Do in Ohio

Ohio is a multifaceted state, and because of that, there are countless things to do in Ohio suiting an array of interests. With major cities such as Cleveland and Cincinnati, along with rural areas with stunning nature, you can find what you’re looking for in the Buckeye State.

Starting with the larger cities, you can find much to enjoy, ranging from arts to sports and everything in between. Spend time in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or at Progressive Field watching a baseball game. Or perhaps you’d rather be near Columbus to enjoy the animals at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. In Toledo, you can find the Toledo Museum of Art. The state offers many museums, theaters, and exhibits to enjoy.

If you’re more inclined to spend time outdoors, there are plenty of ways to enjoy nature in gorgeous Ohio. You can hike or bike in one of the many parks, or you can enjoy time in or on the water at one of Ohio’s various lakes and rivers. Among the countless parks to choose from, you can explore Hocking Hills State Park, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Mohican State Park, and many more. You will never run out of stunning areas to explore when you make Ohio your home!


Community in Ohio

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to consider what the community is like when you’re relocating to a new state. A huge part of your decision involves considering if it’s the right fit for you as a person and if it will suit you and your personality.

Fortunately, Ohioans are known for being a friendly and welcoming bunch, welcoming new residents, and cherishing neighbors as a part of their community. Many towns throughout Ohio strengthen the ties within their community by hosting a variety of events, festivals, and activities, allowing the residents to gather, meet newcomers, and foster existing connections.


Ready to Book Your Ohio Moving Company?

With all of this information about the many aspects of living in Ohio, you’re equipped to make an informed decision about the state and if it offers what you’re looking for.

Ready to take the leap and pursue a move to Ohio? Allow the experts at RLD Relocation & Logistics to help you get here with confidence and ease! With our team, gone are the days of stressful, exhausting moves. Instead, you can say hello to a streamlined, efficient relocation that allows you to feel empowered throughout the process.

With over 25 years in the industry, our team has the expertise needed to get the job done right. Request a quote online today, or call us at (234) 334-7777!